Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Screenshots of new tanks with characteristics

Thanks to "Suslik_kun" :)


M4 Improved



T-34-85 "Rudy"

Cromwell Berlin

New premiums on RU server

Hello warriors,

on 1st of May, new premiums will be available on Russian server in 4 bundles:

- ISU-122S - 19 USD
- IS-2 - 21 USD
- T-34-85 "Rudy" - 14,2 USD
- All the above, garage slots + 2 weeks of premium - 54 USD

Premium Cromwell "Berlin" will be sold only on EU and NA server for 15 USD.

All the tanks above have special crews with "BIA" perk (0th perk - something like sisterhood of steel). ALL the vehicles named above (including the Cromwell) have limited MM.

28.04.2015 Q&A

- Q: "Viktor Kislyi said that within a month something big will be announced. Will you remove arty?" A (Storm): "No, we will add a special condition to your account that whenever you play, the MM will put 10 arties into the enemy team."
- The IS-4 armor in 9.7 is correct, it is not too thin.

WoWp Q&A:

- Developers will rework the training rooms (adding passwords in 1.9, change of map, visibility etc.)
- Patch 1.8 solved all the cache issues;
- Getting started with WoWp is difficult and newbies have hard time in random battles. To improve the tutorial is pointless, devs want instead to improve the PvE;
- In 1.8, client will have something called "prediction", which was tested on Asian (Chinese?) server with positive results;
- Apparently the petition to save WoWp did help even though the developers were active even on their own;
- Hurricane will not be rebalanced;
- It will not be possible to damage enemy planes by flying into debris from other planes (like torn off engine covers);
- Next branch will be added to a nation that is already in the game;
- There will be new modes apparently;
- WoWp wikipedia sucks because the players are not adding content;
- It's possible there will be seasonal clan tournaments;
- There will not be any nerf to German assault planes;
- Some AA ground locations are screwed up but nobody really cares.

And last but definitely not least, this deserves to be shared with the world:

Thank you Jingles for allowing me to post this image!

How to play the Löwe

Was waiting for Wargaming to release the English version of its new video "How to play the Löwe" as their Russian had really bad subtitles, so here it is:

Löwe is actually one of my favorite tanks in-game, not just the one I've made my first Pools medal with but also the tank with most XP done from both my accounts. Worth a watch.

Modern tanks mod supported by Wargaming


Hello warriors,

Wargaming recently advertised a visual mod by a Russian modmaker Torsys_SD that turns several vehicles into something more modern by adding ERA and other elements found on main battle tanks.The vehicles fixed by this mod are: IS-7, T-62A, E 100, E 50 M, Т57, T110E4, Bat.-Châtillon 25 t, FV215b (183), AMX 30 B and STB-1

Here is how they will look:

You can download the mod here: http://res-mods.ru/mod/81417

Info from the Insider

Hello warriors,

a bunch of random info from the Insider:

- lots of changes are planned for the artillery. The developers quite liked the way artillery works in Armored Warfare and there was a lot of brainstorming. One of the concerns is that such a change would not work with alpha monsters such as the T92
- there are lots of changes coming to World of Warships, such as the Japanese carriers, American battleships, "Kongo is actually Hiei" (that's going to be fixed)
- statistically the STA-2 and AMX CDC are doing okay, they won't be buffed
- on US server, the T-54 Prototype premium is selling well, players seem to like it
- WG RU is apparently (but this is very vague) beginning to test reduced visibility (fog, heavy rain, night time and snowstorms) for World of Tanks

Armored Warfare: Alpha testing with SilentStalker

Good morning,

just uploaded a video I recorded during the 3rd Alpha testing phase of Armored Warfare, this time decided to invite SilentStalker for some platooning:

And excuse for the pigtails, a woman can have strange moods and tendencies sometimes, Enjoy! *smirks*