Sunday, 25 October 2015

25/10/2015 Q&A

- Q: "Why don't you implement viewrange circle into minimap? Or better tank carousel in garage?" A (Storm): "I will refrain from answering. Thread closed."
- One Himmelsdorf building is now missing some textures, it will be fixed
- Q: "Will you make tier 10 tanks more different from each other?" A: "Not in 10.0"
- Centurion Action X having gold HEAT instead of HESH is the final decision
- Q: "Will Listy's Super Conqueror come?" A: "Not in 10.0"
- The WT E-100 replacement is historical, its drawing was found in the Bundesarchiv (German archive)
- PVE: 50 vs 50 may happen.

Meanwhile on RU server - "Rubikon"...

Red, White, Black and Blue, Part 2: In Search of the Game Changer

Part 1:

Author: Ck16

(Above: M60E1)

Hello once again!

Welcome to part two of three articles covering the development of the American medium tanks of post World War II to the early 1960’s, and how this pertains to WoT. We continue off with the cancellation of the T54 project to find a way to mount a 105mm gun on a medium chassis. It had already been decided by the US that the M48 with it’s 90mm M41 was not enough for the modern battlefield and a successor was wanted, but it was still undecided what the identity of the next tank to serve the US Military would be. The gears would continue to turn and more developments were pushed forward to find the answer to the Medium tank “issue".

New Effects in 10.0

Hello warriors,

several maps in 10.0 have interesting graphics effects - namely the lightnings. They can be seen on Fisherman Village and Karelia maps.

Grille 15 in WoT - Screenshots

Hello warriors,

here are a few Grille 15 (WT E-100 replacement) screenshots, courtesy of