Wednesday, 18 March 2015

18.03.2015 Q&A

9.7 Test 1 is now closed, Test 2 will start tomorrow around 18:00 CET

- Q: "The quality of steel on various tanks was different, why is this not reflected in the game?" A: "And imagine that the quality varied on one type even from tank to tank, imagine the possibilities this opens to us :)";
- HD Super Pershing will not appear in 0.9.7, it was postponed to 0.9.8 for rework;
- The elements of Super Pershing model (and armor) that will be investigated and corrected are: hull and additional plate armor angles, the mantlet additional plate and the thickness of the mantlet itself;
- It's possible that the 0.9.7 buffs that compensate for the loss of penetration will return later and will be even more significant to compensate for gold shell nerf as well;
- In 9.7 test, some PC configuration owners (in this case: i5 3470, GTX 780) report significant FPS loss (in some cases, even 15 FPS), Storm is aware of the issue and WG is investigating it;
- One more map is in the list of maps to be potentially removed: Pearl River;
- Dragon Ridge will not return (RG: Was still better than Hidden Village);
- Mauschen replacing the VK4502B will come in one of the future patches.

18.03.2015 Stream (Ended)

I'm streaming now some World of Tanks, will be my first stream since Saturday as Twitch been twitchy as usual, will be doing some grind and platoon with the viewers.

Type 59/M48A3 Hybrid

Hello warriors,

what follows are the pictures and description of the earlier leaked Type 59/M48A3 hybrid. According to the description, it's a tier 8 without limited MM, a result of the experiment conducted after 1960. During the program to create a completely Chinese vehicle, they mounted one M48A3 turret on a Type 59 hull.

Characteristics (100 percent crew):

Tier: 8 MT
Hitpoints: 1350
Engine: 520 hp
Weight: 36,36 tons
Power-to-weight: 14,3 hp/t
Maximum speed: 50/16 km/h
Hull traverse: 46 deg/s
Turret traverse: 48 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 0,863/0,959/1,918
Viewrange: 380
Radio range: 547,5

Hull armor: 100/80/?
Turret armor: 177,8/76,2/?

Elite gun: 90mm ?
Damage: 240
Penetration: 173
ROF: 7,11
DPM: 1706,5
Reload: 8,438
Accuracy: 0,364
Aimtime: 2,4s
Depression: -7,4


Japanese Tiger from Supertest

Hello warriors,

it is known that this year will bring the Japanese branch of heavy tanks. Wargaming decided to go the "easy" way and introduced a new Japanese premium heavy early on - but it's not a Japanese vehicle, it's actually a Japanese Tiger. Is it historical? Yep. One Tiger was sold to Japan - it was to be transported disassembled but it never made its way to the Japanese mainland. In the game, it's simply a tier 6 Tiger. This vehicle does NOT have limited MM.

Characteristics (100 percent crew):
Tier: 6 HT
Hitpoints: 950
Engine: 650 hp
Weight: 57 tons
Power-to-weight: 11,4 hp/t
Maximum speed: 40/12 km/h
Hull traverse: 26 deg/s
Turret traverse: 20,9 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 1,151/1,342/2,781
Viewrange: 370
Radio range: 646,6

Hull armor: 100/80/?
Turret armor: 100/80/?

Elite gun: 88mm L/56
Damage: 220
Penetration: 132
ROF: 9,626
DPM: 2117,8
Reload: 6,233
Accuracy: 0,364
Aimtime: 2,21s
Depression: -8


Mauschen, Pershing and M10 "Wolverine" in HD

Here are 3 new HD tank models, please keep in mind these are super high quality renders, it won't looks this good in the game.

Mauschen (VK4502B replacement)

G-13 moving to MMPARK video

From Yuri Pasholok's blog but it's not Jagdpanzer 38t, it's a G-13, the post-war Czechoslovak version.

Stronk WoWs Multicore


Hello warriors,

remember how Wargaming said that World of Warships would use multicore support? Well, let's have a look at the CPU core load of the current beta client. After all, multicore CPU's should rock with this new BigWorld iteration, no?

Well.... no. The game basically still uses only two cores, good old BigWorld. Still... it's a good game. Let's see how it turns out.

History of the AMX 40


By the time the first Somua S35 tanks were rolling from the assembly lines, the French high military staff already started thinking about their replacements. By the end of 1936, French army issued new demands for the future cavalry tank - these demands included:

- weight of no more than 20 tons
- 3 man crew
- armor of no less than 50mm
- operational range of no less than 200km
- one 47mm gun and two 7,5mm machineguns as armament
- radio and intercom systems

Even if they wanted to, there was no way the designers could rework the Somua S35 to fit those requirements. Even the Somua S40 had 5 km/h lower speed with only 40mm of armor. And so these requirements were ignored for three long years.

In the meanwhile, in 1937, John Walter Christie - the famous suspension inventor - started offering stuff to the British. He brought with him two of his projects - one was the M1931 Medium Tank and the other the M1937 Airborne Tank. The trials of those vehicles left a strong impression in the British - so strong in fact that shortly after, the mass production of Cruiser Mk.III with Christie suspension started in the Nuffield plant. With such a notch on his belt, Christie was able to sell his patents to France in March of 1938, but they had to wait for a year before any results came from that - only in 1939, when the French engineers saw the Crusier Mk.III during the mutual military assistance program it became clear to them that Christie's suspension could indeed be successfully applied to a cruiser-type tank.