Thursday, 25 June 2015

25.06.2015 Stream

Hello Warriors,

today gonna be doing a extra stream (keeping 3 per week ratio) as from tomorrow I will be spending 3 days at The Tank Museum around the VCC and meeting some of you at Tank Fest.

Ed Francis been teasing this little one so much, he has offered me a ride on the Conq ARV REME:

There is no words to describe how excited I am..! *Sugoi*

But back to streaming, will be a short one and will be busy with my crew completion (Specially the Tortoise one, 98% for the 4th skill already):

25.06.2015 Q&A

What is this? An early Q&A? :)

- Developers will not disclose any more additional statistics for any vehicles (like they did with Maus hit ratios)
- Rita's Status Report O-I size comparison ( is more or less accurate according to Storm;
- Tier 10 Japanese heavy is not bigger than the tier 7 leaked vehicle, it's roughly the same;
- The fact certain maps win the "worst map in game" polls often does not guarantee they will be removed from WoT;
- Apparently there is a bug where the old render doesn't display the water properly, Storm will investigate;
- According to Storm, the Domination mode doesn't stress server any more than random battles;
- According to Storm, closed beta of WoT had 10k or so players online, open beta had 30+k and first week after release it was already 50k;
- Yuri Pasholok confirms that there will not be any "Maus going to move" restoration. The project was cancelled soon after it was announced.

And the daily, when you don't upgrade old units in Civ:

9.9 Test Server

Hello Warriors,

little update, according to the leakers, the 0.9.9 test could come later today or tomorrow.

Guns and ammunition

Author:  chickentikka_EU/ Y Liu

I am planning to write a series of articles on common misconceptions regarding tanks. Tell me if you want to see more. (This article is related to my project, so please point out suggestions)

The balance between the power of the main gun (penetration and damage caused) and the effective armor of tanks has been almost in equilibrium for the most part of tank development history. It was after World War II, when the introduction of anti-tank missiles caused the equilibrium to shift towards the offensive. However, obviously armor cannot lag behind the offensive weapons for a long time, so soon composite armor was developed to return the balance. Of course the introduction of ERA and depleted Uranium armor happened to add further shifts in the balance. So I want to resolve some common misconceptions regarding armor and ammunition. (This time round is going to be ammo/gun, maybe armor next time if this article is welcomed).

What do you do to increase penetration? Well, simple, make the caliber bigger and the gun longer! This is true but it depends on the type of ammo. For example, an Indian Army’s T-90S is not going to have the same penetration as Russia’s newest T-90AM although the guns are identical, the shells can make a significant difference. We know that to increase momentum, we have to increase either the mass of the projectile or the velocity, either way we have to increase ammo size or barrel length. The good example is probably the long 8.8cm and the short 8.8cm gun, the longer the barrel, the greater the accuracy and the greater the velocity (in the case of the 8.8cm gun, a longer ammunition is used to pack more punch). However, there is a certain limit to how long the gun can be before it becomes impractical, so engineers after WW2 introduced smooth-bore guns. Smooth-bore is when the barrel no longer has grooves, hence opposite of rifled guns.

L7 rifled gun.

Armored Warfare: T-62

Hello Warriors,

check out this Armored Warfare article about the history of the T-62 and how it got applied in-game:

"He climbed out of his tank and looked around. The entire field he had spent two days defending was littered with the corpses of his enemies – some torn apart by explosive shells, some mowed down by the hail of bullets from his tank’s machine gun and some even crushed by its mighty threads. He took off his cap and wandered aimlessly for a while before noticing a battered book lying on the ground. He picked it up and opened it at the last page. It was a diary of sorts, written in a language he recognized instantly – it was the language of his homeland. He started reading..."

Want a FV201 (A45)?

Hello Warriors,

on the NA server, from Wednesday, July 1, 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET until Saturday, August 1, 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET players will have the change to earn or rent a FV201 (A45).

To rent the tank you have to complete the "Freedom to Play: Single, Double and Quad" missions

Freedom to play:
- Earn a total of 15,000 XP a day in order  to collect 45 keys
  • Single: Rewards 1 FTP Key;
  • Double: Rewards up to 2 FTP Keys;
  • Quad: Rewards up to 4 FTP Keys.
- Reward

Yuri Pasholok's Q&A

Hello warriors,

Yuri Pasholok - Wargaming's historian - answered some more questions!

 - the recently leaked picture by Wargaming is nothing historical, just some thing made up by an artist:

- Yuri is not aware of other SPG projects based on Churchill chassis than the Churchill Gun Carrier. It's possible there were projects for more
- Isreali Centurion engine compartments were standardized for the AVDS-1790-2AC diesel. It is likely not true that the Centurions used captured Soviet tank diesel engines (like the V-55) since putting such an engine in a Centurion would require a significant engine compartment overhaul
- 122mm U-11 on KV-1 in WoT is historical, the project was called KV-9 (was not mass-produced though)
- WG has the Chinese materials on T-34-X tanks, they are very interesting but unfortunately for now there's no right to publish them
- Two variants of Object 430 were indeed discussed, they are mentioned in the accounting archives
- FV304 is a real project and despite its size six people could indeed fit in:

- the Soviet SPG's (such as the Object 261) were projected with existing guns in mind, in this case the B-4. There was also the BR-2 gun with many project as well. As such the appearance of the gun on tiers 7-9 is historical.
- apparently the Chinese "121" is the WZ-121 (the first variant with Chinese 100mm gun). Other guns were intended for the platform as well.
- only little info exists on "Blohn und Voss 1961" tank but enough to reconstruct its appearance apparently if necessary
- there were dozens and dozens of Soviet heavy tank projects from the 50's. Some are still secret however. In the game there are for example 2 IS-7 variants while in real life there were 7 at least
- the IS-3 with BL-9 designation is not completely historical. In 1945 the BL-13 gun was designed for heavy tanks (the same as on Object 260). So basically there was an idea but the plan didn't move any further.
- there was no IS-2 variant with a 152mm gun
- there was no request towards historical department to build a third Soviet medium tank branch
- the third German TD branch is unlikely to come, there is only one more tier 10 TD candidate and it's a copy of an existing one (Jpz E-100 and Jagdmaus). "Why would you need another branch of Waffentr├Ągers without tier 10?" If there will be more German TD's, they will come separately and not as a branch.
- there is no need to expect the M6A2E1 in HD with an advanced (T29) turret, a decision was made to model the vehicle that was actually built in metal
- currently the developers are not working on alternative French TD branch, it would just be a copy of the first one
- there are interesting light vehicle concepts by ARL and FCM as alternatives to the ELC but they have recoilless guns and as such are banned from WoT
- Yuri Pasholok on British light tank branch to tier 8: "As far as I know, they collected enough material for it already a long time ago."
- restoration of Maus "project" was closed and does not continue
- Yuri does not know whether WG will have another tank restored to function. He personally works on restoring an armored cutter (a ship) but that's a different group of volunteers