Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Sentinel AC1 SD Model Screenshots

Hello Warriors,

more screenies of the Sentinel AC1 SD Model:

08.09.2015 Q&A

- Q: "With the changed map distribution system in 9.10, do you expect the situations where players get the same map over and over again to be less common?" A: "I can't say exactly"
- it's possible that the triple buffer button in WoT is not working correctly (unclear details)
- IS-6 will not be rebalanced
- E-25 marathon feedback? "No comment"
- there is a bug in 9.10 with the traces after tank either disappearing right away or "following" a tank at some distance, it will be fixed
- the effects of coated optics and binoculars are not cumulative - the vehicle with 100 meters viewrange (example) either uses 100+10 (optics) or 100+25 (binoculars)

Sentinel AC1 SD Model

It's still not clear what the purpose of this tank is. It could be some sort of placeholder - or supertester trolling.

Supertest - Sentinel AC 1

Hello warriors,

for some strange reason, Wargaming decided to introduce the Sentinel AC 1 to supertest (British tier 4 premium). Well, that's not that weird, the weird part is that the model is in SD ("old model") - that's a new one. Perhaps they are testing it for suitability?


Australian medium tank. It was mass-produced from August 1941. 65 were built between 1942 and 1943. It was never used in combat but in the 1944 movie "Rats of Tobruk" it was used to depict German tanks.

Tier: 4 premium MT
Hitpoints: 370
Engine: 330 hp (WD-50PS)
Weight: 27,941 tons
Power-to-weight: 11,81 hp/t
Maximum speed: 60,4/20 km/
Hull traverse: 40 deg/s
Turret traverse: 45,9 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 1,055/1,151/2,11
Viewrange: 350
Radio range: 469,4

Prices of gold in Armored Warfare vs World of Tanks

Hello warriors,

here's a small comparison of the gold prices in EU between Armored Warfare and World of Tanks. Armored Warfare allowed the players to buy gold for the first time on Monday. Like in World of Warships, any gold purchases in Early Access (= closed beta) will be resetted (returned to players) when the open beta starts.

The prices of gold bundles are the following:

1100       € 4.99
1650       € 6.99
2750       € 11.29
5500       € 21.99
16500    € 62.49
27500    € 99.99

In World of Tanks, 1 month of premium costs 2500 gold which is exactly 10 Euro. In Armored Warfare, it costs 2300 gold - when using the middle (2750 gold) bundle for calculation of gold-per-Euro basis, the price of monthly premium comes out slightly lower (9.44 EUR or around that). But the biggest difference is the highest tier premium tank (tier 6) that earns more than 50 percent extra credits (on tier 6 it is 80 percent, putting it on par with WoT's tier 8), which costs about 16 Euro while the WoT's go for 40-50 Euro (AW devs did confirm that there might be tier 8 premiums as well with even bigger income but so far there aren't any planned).

According to AW sources, these prices however are preliminary and might go further down a bit. If you are interested in more detailed breakdown, Armored Talk blog offers a nice analysis of what costs what.

Wargaming Building on Cyprus Ready

Hello warriors,

as you probably already remember, Wargaming will (at least the business part) be moving to Cyprus completely. On the hottest photos from the island, you can see that the building is practically ready. According to a local reporter, the work on it continues inside now with all the prerequisities being installed for Wargaming to move in.

New WoT RNG Video

Hello warriors, here's the 41st RNG video made by Wargaming - enjoy!

M56 Scorpion Sold on EU

Hello warriors,

the M56 Scorpion is being sold on EU for 50 Euro as a part of a "special" collector's bundle. Keep in mind Wargaming's policy to sell overpriced bundles as "limited" an introducing the same vehicles for less price a couple of months later (or sometimes even for free as a part of some event).

The M56 Scorpion was originally supposed to be a regular US premium TD and started on tier 8 - after a while it was rebalanced to tier 7. It has a solid gun and mobility but literally no armor at all and whether it is actually balanced or not is... questionable.

In any case, if you feel like spending 50 Euro on a tier 7 vehicle, share with us your experiences!