Saturday, 4 April 2015

04.04.2015 Q&A

Dietolog (former Wargaming community manager) posted yet another part of his exposition. It's more Russian-centered and translating it makes no sense, but basically he confirms the existence of a WG community manager team that calls itself STF ("Special Troll Forces"), who frequent notable Russian sites (at least they used to). In the second part, Dietolog lists a number of "coincidences" where for example anti-Gaijin hate blogs appeared at the same time, use the same hosting etc. - worth reading if you know the RU community background.

The Wargaming part of the story is that Dietolog was indeed a community manager and fired for incompetence.

- T95 icon size will be fixed;
- There is a list of unpopular maps that might be removed from the game, but it's still in flux and is changing all the time. Prokhorovka and Malinovka are not on it;
- "There are plans" to do "something" with artillery;
- WG is aware of hateful idiots who teamkill artillery players. It is not clear for now what will be done about them;
- Developers will not introduce the "armor quality" as a balance parameter to balance the game better (for example giving "better quality" armor to light tanks so they survive more), it would be too unrealistic
- Q: "Will the Polish tanks appear until the introduction of the EU branch?" A: "No";
- Rudy tank crew nationality will be Polish (the crew however will have names from the TV series and yes, there might be a dog);
- Chinese HD models have low priority because: "we have other priorities";
- HD King Tiger will not be made using photogrammetry, but via the "usual" methods;
- Artillery will not be removed from the game;
- Being a WG developer does not mean you have access to press accounts;
- Q: "About the new acuraccy, my butt hurts so much it spits flames and burns the chair beneath me, can you advise me what to do?" A: "You can play while sitting on a block of concrete" (RG: Or... search for a doctor?)
- This year will bring "many various changes in balance";
- Maus is by far not the worst tier 10;
- The decision to replace FV215b with Chieftain is final;
- No current plans to introduce tank biathlon fun mode;
- Developers will not be adding track links hanging on the hull and turret to every tank, especially not the HD E-100 and Maus;
- The fate (rework) of HE shells is not decided yet;
- Statistically, the accuracy nerf in 9.6 turned out okay and currently accuracy is fine;
- Alternative hulls will come, but not soon and most likely only for real tanks (not prototypes and paper projects);
- US server tested in 2014 the automatic premium tank recovery feature. There was apparently some issue with it - Storm states that he wants to have it on RU as well but it is not sure when.
- There are no plans to display the penetration value of every shell impact;
- No plans to buff Type 59 gun (RG: It's fine with me).

New Plant Render in WoT

Hello warriors,

here are two pictures of new plant render for World of Tanks, as displayed on the modified version of the Monastery map. Please note that this is not nearly the final version, which will likely be more... optimized. There is currently no ETA on the new render, but it will not come soon. Still, it looks gorgeous...

Armored Warfare: Extinct armor classes

Check out this Armored Warfare article about the extinct armor classes during nearly 100 years of development:

They made short but precise description of the Tankettes, Whell-Cum-Track and Super heavy tanks; A good weekend read.

AMX-13/57 Coming on April 25th

Hello warriors,

normally, I do not care about e-sports but this involves us all. Wargaming decided to start selling via the premium shop (and giving away to people who visit the event) the AMX-13/57 French light tank during the WGL finals in Warsaw Poland, which will take place on 25th and 26th of April. That's when the vehicle will be finally available.


"Art of War" Returns

Hello warriors, according to Russian community staff, in 9.7 the "Art of War" event (or something like it) will return with the new French branch. Older players might remember this from the WT E-100 line (when it happened last time) - back then, players who did most damage on vehicles from that line from the entire server received gold rewards and some even a Type 59.

In this case, what was published: "Certain number of players completing certain mission on the French tier 10 medium tank will receive Type 59 as a reward". This event concerns the RU server but it is possible it will appear elsewhere as well.