Friday, 19 June 2015

19.06.2015 Stream (ended)

Happy Friday!

So glad weekend is almost here, hope you are having a good and sunny end of the week like mine.

Its time for the stream, today will just take random tanks and have some fun.

As usual, 191 Tanks in my garage, EU/NA servers and my 80's playlist:

New Ranzar video

Hello Warriors,

New Ranzar video is available, enjoy!

ISU-122S being sold on EU

Hello Warriors,

just to warn that the ISU-122S is now being sold on the EU server for 29.99 Euros (1 garage slot, 3 days of premium and 2550 gold included):

Have this tank destroyer on my NA account and have to say that I like it very much, it became one of my favorites to take out for a battle on the overseas.

Tankfest 2015 - Will you be dropping in?

Hello Warriors,

the Sea King helicopter, based at RNAS Yeovilton, went to The Tank Museum with the Viking Squadron to practice their fast-roping display due to take place at Tankfest:

They also posted some pictures on their Facebook page:

Small update: Jingles and I decided to extend our visit to both days of the event, 27th and 28th June. :)

Prokhorovka changes

Hello warriors,

Prokhorovka is getting changed as well (not sure if 9.9 or later) - look:

They added the hill cover on the western side and the eastern hill was reworked (changed as well). The center is now leveled and has more cover.

Tier 10 Penetration changes

Here's a table with the changes (in Russian but I am sure people will understand :) )

Reworked Swamp and Highway

Hello warriors,

here are the changes of Swamp and Highway map in 9.9


A video of the changes can be seen here.


A video of the changes can be seen here.

Even More HD tanks

But wait, there is more! :P



More HD tanks

Type 62

AMX 50 100

0.9.9 Supertest patchnotes

The main change from supertest is that Wargaming added two new game modes: deathmatch (everyone against everyone) and "platoon deathmatch" (platoons against platoons). For the domination mode, following tanks were added: IS-7, Object 268, Leopard 1, T57 Heavy, Batchat 25

- Supertesters received following vehicles: M4A1 Revalorise, T28E with F-30, Object 777, Scorpion (German tier 8 TD)
- VK4502B was replaced by Mauschen, AFK Panther by SPIC
- 14 tanks were reworked to HD
- 18 tanks had their collision model fixed (bugs and such)
- STA-2, Type 62 and T-44-122 (supertester tank) were buffed

- Swamp and Highway were reworked in order to support active gameplay in the map center
- Reworked some of the destruction effects of some environmental objects

- The Bigworld engine was signifcantly optimized
- Old render water and lighting quality was significantly improved
- Added the TXAA anti-aliasing
- Improved the lighting model, metallic and matte surfaces now look more realistic
- Reworked the shadow render, improving both quality and performance, soft shadows added
- Added grass shadows, using new fast method of drawing them (screen space shadows)
- Optimized and improved post effects: bloom, god rays, lens flare. Bloom is now more stable, the flicker when moving camera was removed
- Improved the quality and performance of HBAO (SSAO)

- Fixed some of the freezes and crashes of the game client
- Fixed a bug where under certain circumstances guns with high penetration could not penetrate thin armor behind spaced armor
- Fixed a rare bug where a ricocheted shell under certain circumstances could end up inside the tank damaging modules or crew
- Fixed a large number of bugs and issues in team battle mechanisms