Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Official Jagdtiger, T-40, T110E5 HD renders


11.08.2015 Q&A

Hello warriors,

nothing really new today except for Storm being annoyed by the amount of complaints on Russian server regarding the wrong M46 model that will be fixed in 0.9.10.

So here's a kitty to improve your mood :)

VK 100.01, T-22sr and M48A2 screenies

VK100.01 (P) - renamed Mauschen with 12,8cm gun

Master of Orion Developer Diaries 1

Small Update

 Hello Warriors,

 A small update...There is an unconfirmed info that 9.10 test will come this week.

Get ready for the Gojiras invasion!

WoT Ranks up on Twitch

Hello Warriors,

In the month of July, 2015 World of Tanks has grown one spot on the Twitch Ranks:

Click here for previous month.

"For many people, Twich is like television - you turn it on and it stays at the background. For example, if I'm alone at home I often just put some WoT or similar stream on TV as background noise while I'm doing something else.
Not to mention it's actually interactive and free. You get to share the good and bad moments with your favorite streamer and it doesn't cost you anything." - Ilktye

 Time to catch up Minecraft or WoW (depending of how you perceive it)!