Thursday, 21 January 2016

Armored Warfare: 0.12.1776 Patchnotes


for those who play AW, today you may have noticed that the game was down for roughly 5 hours to implement the 0.12.1776 patch. Although it has plenty of fixes, the main attraction of this update is clearly the Visual Camouflage system, check out its trailer:

Gameplay Mechanisms

Retrofit and Skill rebalance

  • Air Conditioner technology upgrades have been lowered to a 2% crew statistic bonus on all vehicles that have this upgrade
  • The Commander skill "Leadership" has been lowered to a 4% bonus to crew statistics
  • The Commander passive skills "Fire When Ready" and "Fire at Will" have both been reduced to a 6% bonus to reload speed
  • The Commander active skills "Strength in Numbers", "Giant Killer", "Fired Up", "Fire at Will", "Brawler", "Determination", and "Watch It Burn" have all been cut in half, resulting in a reload speed bonus of 6 - 10%
  • The Commander active skill "Feed the Flames" has been reduced to a 20% reload speed bonus
  • The Loader crew skill "Rapid Fire" has been reduced to a 2.5% bonus to reload speed
  • Consumables related to crew statistics (Protein Bars and Energy Drinks) are now mutually exclusive, and will not be able to stack with each other

  • Drawing distance of shadows reduced in order to increase game performance
  • Drawing distance of vegetation on „Ultra“, „Very High“ and „High“ settings reduced in order to increase performance
  • Entering a platoon with a player who is on your ignore list will cause this player to be immediately removed from from the ignore list

Fisherman's Bay Crash


on EU, NA and SEA, there are players reporting that Fisherman's Bay been causing them crashes mainly in the in the North Spawn area.
Due to lack of care from staff (except SEA) I asked the players to point out on the map where did the bug hurt them and merged the information I gathered from the 3 servers in this map image:

(Some players reported a single crash on south and another on city but didn't specified exact locations)

This problem is not connected to mods or bad PCs, players who run vanilla or/and have good PCs been reporting in as well, and not only just the game crashes but it also provokes a freeze which can be only fixed with a computer restart.

For those who are having this issue I went on a search for a fix and only could find this:

From "djb_95":

"Well, after many more crashes and trying everything I could think of, I finally found a work-around.
I used to run my client SD with Improved Graphics.
I tried:
1. HD Graphics
2. Update graphics driver.
3. Adjust almost all the graphics settings 1 at a time.
4. Re-downloaded the whole game.

None of that worked.

I finally switched to SD/Standard graphics.  That fixed it."

The devs are not aware of this issue so far.

Unspotted Vehicle Cheat


there is currently a hack/cheat mod that renders on the minimap enemy vehicles when they are not spotted, this is how it looks like:

This is not the same as the system that Warpack uses (where minimap will tell your position after you break an object), the theory is that it links data from someone on the enemy team, and provides it to you. How? Simple, if it was snuck in a large modpack, it would have almost 100% coverage, as only 1 player per side needs to have it for it to work.

Something like this can become pretty "interesting" if a entire clan (lets say a 100 of them) decides to use it during low population hours.

My hopes on Wargaming, specially EU on fighting these mods is very low but I need to raise awareness and warn you to be cautious on which modpacks you download. The guy who made this mod (for science) stated that he wont be releasing this but not everyone is so nice.