Monday, 18 January 2016

18/01/2016 Stream

Hello lads and lasses,

Its time for my scheduled livestream.
Tonight I will be playing World of Tanks and later on MrConway (WG's EU Community Coordinator) will join me in platoon.

EU/NA and 218 Tanks:


Studyanki (Poland) map: Update


there is a small update on the upcoming Polish map, Studyanki.

See previous.

In supertest, there are currently 2 versions being tested that differ in the northern part of the map, also, among a couple fixes the most visible is the toned down fog:

Micropatch: Marks of Excellence (UPDATE)


just to warn you that tomorrow if everything goes according to plan there will be a micropatch to fix the Marks of Excellence bug that I wrote about a couple days ago (Basically all the MoEs were given incorrectly after a single battle).

See previous.

Also don't forget, that tomorrow is the date stipulated for the announcement of the FV4202 Mission Requirements.

That's all folks.

‘Stillbrew’ for Chieftain

Author: Vollketten

Many people have heard of ‘Stillbrew’ armour for the Chieftain and its inclusion as an option within the Armored Warfare game has brought it a little more attention. During the Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988) the Iranian forces who fielded a quantity of Chieftain tanks and faced a variety of mainly Soviet Iraqi tanks suffered a number of losses. The British assessment of these losses concluded that the turret front was no longer sufficiently protected against modern or near-future tank ammunition. The turret had originally been designed to be protective against the 100mm Sovet APDS shell like the Conqueror tank fielded before it. By the 1980’s though this was no longer a sufficient level of protection. Something else was required.

Stillbrew Chieftain in Berlin Brigade service. 

As already mentioned the Chieftain turret was designed to protect against the Soviet 100 APDS rounds (Soviet 3UBM6 APDS round from 1966 can achieve about 190mm) and various numbers have been given for the thickness from different sources or from attempts to measure it. Richard Ogorkiewiecz gives a figure of 195mm for the turret front and some well quoted Russian sources show schematics with 125mm @ 60 degree which is 250mm Effective Armour. (250mm line of sight thickness at that angle)