Sunday, 12 April 2015

12.04.2015 Q&A

Here it is:

- Apparently, WG is trying out a new mechanism: bonus codes that - instead of just giving you something for free - activate exclusive missions instead;
- Storm confirms that player-presented screenshot without many heavy tanks in hightier battles do not represent the real overall situation (in other words, overall there's enough of heavies in battles);
- There are no plans to ban the Battle Assistant artillery mod;
- Russian server will have a 9.7 mission where the best new French branch players (conditions currently unknown) will be able to get the Type 59 and Type 62 tanks;
- Xbox One WoT will run on 1080p but not on 60 FPS (it will be less) (WoT for Xbox One will come later this year);
- Xbox One WoT players will be able to play with Xbox 360 ones.

The special missions from bonus codes mentioned above include:

- Finish one battle, get 5 days of premium;
- Win 10 battles while destroying no less than one enemy in each, get the LTP light tank and a garage slot.

New "Tank Factory" Exhibition Opened

Check out this video of "The Tank Museum", they have a new exhibition open:

47mm Gun on Renault R35 Chassis in Thun


Hello warriors,

one of the vehicles Yuri Pasholok saw and photographed in Thun is the 4.7 cm Pak (t) (Sfl.) auf Fgst.Pz.Kpfw.35 R 731 (f) - German conversion of the Renault R35 light tank by monting a boxy superstructure and the Czechoslovak 47mm gun, creating an improvised tank destroyer.

As a result of the fall of France, between May and June 1940 the Germans captured some 850 Renault R35 light tanks, of which roughly 800 were pressed into German service one way or another. Most of these vehicles were equipped with the old 37mm SA18 guns and were good only for infantry support. About a hundred or so were indeed used in their original form - either for training or for police duties.

Combat-wise, the obsolete French tanks were mostly useless but there was a way to make them "useful" again - by converting them for various other roles, especially the one of self-propelled artillery. On 23.12.1940, the company Alkett received a task to create 200 self-propelled guns based on this light tank. A prototype was ready on 8.2.1941 and was approved shortly after for service and the contract was thus confirmed - of the 200 ordered vehicles, 174 were supposed to be tank destroyers (such as the one this post is about) and the rest were to be commander vehicles. First 93 vehicles were built in May 1941, 33 in June, 5 in July, 22 in August, 28 in September and the rest in October.