Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Second month and April contributors

Hello Warriors,

second month of the blog is now complete!

So far been enjoying a lot and finally got the hang of the new life schedule, the cats haven't been very amused having their "hooman" busy although.

I've been noticing that often been getting misunderstood, I guess mainly due to the fact that the blog is still particularly new and many of you don't know me very well yet. I do recommend for those interested to visit my livestreams so you can have an idea of the person typing this words (Its pretty much the only reason I announce here on the blog when the channel goes live). I'm always sharing conversations and answering questions with the chat.

Still, if you have any ideas or questions do feel free to leave them in the comment section, will be answering and doing this monthly. :)

If you feel like supporting what I do: https://www.patreon.com/statusreport

April's Patreon subscribers:

-Xinchen Yu
-Michael Bermingham
-Jenka Tamar
-Gustavo Rabelo
-Peter Nordlund
-Don L. Kress III
-Erik Johansson
-Marc Bourgoin
-Christoffer Dahlblom
-Tony Strandberg
-Samuel Hallam
-Jonas Pollaschek
-Diego Longo
-Tony Rye
-Vu Nhat Tu
-Michael K
-Michael Duke
-Mickey Dabbelyou
-Robert Meachen

Thank you for the support! *Hugs*