Friday, 29 May 2015

Yuri Pasholok Q&A

Hello warriors,

one of the owners of the Faster than All VK page went as a volunteer to work with Yuri Pasholok on the restoration of vehicles in Moscow. During that time he asked him some interesting questions. Here's what he learned.

- Current T28 (turretless) is supposed to be replaced by a T95 prototype. The thing is, there are now drawings of the said prototype, only documents and descriptions. Based on these documents it's something like the T28 HTC, only with  tracks. It is almost like a T95 armor-wise but with terrible mobility.
- The Mammut name is based on reality after all, the name appears in documents. As for the Mäuschen, that was how the vehicle was called in mid May 1942 (the variant with 150mm and 75mm guns);
- The IS-3 with autoloader loading mechanism is comparable to the one of the Object 279, Object 770 and Object 277. It's practically polo-automatic, the loader doesn't have to haul the shells around. The casette mechanism is missing from World of Tanks for balance purposes.
- The developers at Chelyabinsk were working on an Object 777 variant with an autoloader and oscillating turret. WG knows about it but considers introducing such a vehicle to the game to be "dangerous", they opted for the regular variant instead;
- It's theoretically possible to introduce Object 279 into the game but it would have to be nerfed to the ground, especially its impenetrable hull;
- Historians proposed to introduce the 150mm gun for the Maus into the game but this plan was denied (for gameplay reasons, to make Maus and E-100 different);
- The Japanese heavies will come but the most popular of them, the O-I, is only good enough to appear on tier 7 or 8. What will be the tier 10 is a mystery from historical point of view. A part of a track was found in Japan with the width of 80cm, which is too much for any known Japanese projects. Apparently the track is a part of a prototype that ended with building a turret. The turret was then used as bunker on concrete stand.

It's the turret from this photography:

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