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Mission Rigging: Letters from Banned Players

Hello Warriors,

after posting about the sh**storm happening in the EU forum about the mission rigging, some of the players that got banned have messaged me giving their opinion and reasons and I've decided to share their side of the story. On Friday this idea ran in my mind and I asked for your opinion at the time, you said you wanted me to post this.

Before we proceed, I have to say that I agree with them about the Personal Missions having beyond ridiculous requirements but I do not agree on these players decision to break the ToS.

I'm also very satisfied that many of you took the liberty to come over my livestream on Friday and ask what were my intentions (sometimes and mostly lately I often transpire as being passive aggressive with my words when I'm not) the reason I post when I'm live on the blog is because we often discuss content posted here and I answer questions when you have them.

To summarize what I answered during the livestream...
I couldn't have cared less which clans were involved in the video, yes it happened to be clans that the community considers "infamous" (see what I did there?) but if my intention was to name and shame them I wouldn't have tagged them with numbers (had to take screenshots although) and If I was doing this for the traffic... oh dear, I know and have far better things that could use for that effect and that would make you wild.
After receiving a email from the lad that I enlighten, I've decided to remove his nickname from the previous article because he wasn't the only WGL "PRO" Player that got banned, still... its beyond me how recurrent ToS infringes are allowed to compete on E-sports. I just cant take it as a serious sport while players who are suppose to set the example better than anybody else are left unchecked, rigging, using illegal mods and behaving like arsehats in chat with racist remarks (Not all of them are bad, know a couple good lads who are down to earth and play fairly but they are overwhelmingly surrounded by this loot).

Note: I asked authorization to them before posting these but I'm still going to keep their nicknames private.

Letter #1

"Dear Rita

Let me first introduce myself, I'm on of the guys who got caught for rigging. In fact I'm ********** from ***** which you linked in your screenshot.

Perhaps I should introduce you to the whole story of how the rigging started. 

First of all you understand that the majority of "top clans" knows each other. This means that sometimes you will meet enemy platoons which are friends. In case you know that you have no chance doing your mission well you try to help then the other guys. This is actually how the rigging started. After certain time and some tears of trying some missions (some guys did really break their PC screen) we found out that some missions were near to impossible to do without "assistance" of friends. (We do not like the word rigging, we used more the word assist each other). So we decided to assist each other till the friends circle got bigger and bigger and the list for assistance to certain missions got longer and longer. 
We all knew the consequence for rigging however given the difficulty, the RNG of the missions we took it into account.

Now to make it clear none of us is actually in favor for rigging, but like said the missions are so ridiculous. On top of that sometimes when you try to complete your mission a platoon will block you so that their platoon mate can finish his mission. I have even been team killed by some random guys because I either had the flag or i had to many kills or other reasons. I do not wish to make myself look like a victim, I just want to point out a certain frustration that lead us rigging battles. That is why many players just jumped the hype train to find some friends who would assist them doing their missions. And so whole clans got involved into assisting each other. 

From my point of view some people are trying to make a hate campaign against so called top clans. Some of those posting on the forum do not even realize that some of their clan members are rigging missions. In fact even a guy from your clan "helped" us to complete a mission. I do have 590 replays since I last deleted my folder and probably 150 of them are me trying to either do the missions (alone) or assist someone/getting assisted. You will find guys rigging mission not only in so called top clans but also in not well known clans. You will see me getting team killed, or blocker. In fact only a small minority got banned since no one is paying attention to the "smaller clans". There are many guys out there who do have the tank, or completed some missions like D12 - D15/ SH15. If they cannot prove how they got a mission done be sure that he/she rigged it as much as all the others. 

In my opinion making us look like criminals it's not correct. Not because we are not guilty but because there are hundreds of guys from other clans that are enjoying either the tank, or the free missions and that no one even did care about it. We are actually only the top of the iceberg.  

I got what I deserved and i can live with it. Perhaps I will just wait on ever doing a mission till WG decides to rework the missions. However I doubt that reworking missions will help as clans and players will just continue rigging those.  

If you think it would be good posting the opinion, feeling of someone who got banned in your blog feel free to do so. I just wanted to make a statement and try to give you an explanation about it.

Best regards 


- I do have clan tags on both EU and NA but has been long ago since I've performed any clan duties or even logged in TS, I have asked for screenshots/replays of the person who helped them, I'm very likely going to leave the clans because don't want to account for other's actions.

Letter #2

"Well. Within all the top clans there's a general agreement that the missions are just a notch too hard even for really really superb good players.
I know it's sad to see missions getting rigged and yes aren't proud of it I admit that.
The worst part is even with the chance of a "ban"/7days-timeout is kinda worth the risk. But honestly I rather redo all my obj.260 missions again of all of the 240 missions again than do these 30 in a fair way. 

I'm sure WG got statistic about how often and what damage is reached even before they launched the rampage with missions and technically all missions are somewhat possible to do. But the chance to complete some of the hardest missions feels so endlessly slim, at the edge of impossible.
What WG did right last time was, that though you might not play one certain class of tanks you could still do the missions, IF you did mission 15 for the remaining four classes with the secondary objective. Which led to fair missions(though with some pain from time to time) that are durable without rigging and almost all of them without help from others.
So you could do 60 missions where 4 of them required a bit extra of you OR do 75 missions without those 4 secondaries.

And when you sit there and have done well over half the missions 15+ but for hours on end or even a whole day or two stuck on one mission, that YOU know it can be done in every game because the game mode has very little difference in both Domination(1 flag or 4 flags(if the player numbers are low it's just two flags on Ghost town)) unlike the old missions where you maybe needed the right map, enemy/allied team composition(class wise)  and you knew straight away if you got the wrong map or enemies, you could just switch over and play normally because usually people care for their stats which can be affected in randoms, unlike Rampage.
On top of that everyone you talk with are more or less stuck on the same mission, it really gives a sense of hopelessness, all the sudden  you randomly join into a battle where everyone is obviously rigging and even offer to help you with the mission you're stuck with. It's hard to resist. Then it might start with one, but soon you're stuck again with a worse mission.
To some extend you think about of the amount of years and the €€€ you put into the game every month, those six month it took to get though the 260 missions and then you get **ck*d with the new ones.

SH-15? Doing 15.000 damage within 6 minutes. 10k can be done, 12k somewhat durable, 13k might happened once. 14k less. 15k.. no way, especially with all the free fire extinguisher WG have been giving out for weeks, trying to get people hooked on prem consumables, so even with one ammorack or 1 double fire it's still pretty unreachable within the time frame. Not only that, the gameplay becomes very fast trivial and pointless to some degree, the only reward was a little credits(if lucky) and a little XP. 

I know there's bad riggers out there who spawn rape unlucky people who happens to on the team or riggers who team kill just in order to get a flag or get rid of them in domination mode, which is just too far and not acceptable. 
The majority of the people are reporting rigging do it because they think the riggers are getting perm ban from the game, because WG is not openly clear about the punishment for the different violations.

But in the other hand the plus side, people are more sociable, sharing a lot of good ways and legit help to others to do missions solo, (f.x. SH-14: solution is to take two tanks you need a first win of the day and got prem account go solo and win the game while dying only once) and making more friends than ever because of the missions.

An sidenote here: WG did delete post on forums to hide the fact people are rigging the missions. Because they know if people (especially!) don't read the threads on forums and they don't really experience it in their games, it's hugely less encouraging to start rigging. Because living in the bliss on unknowing can to some extend be the best.

I wouldn't recommend WG to do such missions again in a gamemode like this, where the game(if you care for stats) doesn't punish you harder for fooling around and getting yourself killed over and over just to help others and vice versa.
I don't think punishment is the best solution(of course it's fair to punish when someone is breaking the rules) but making missions, in randoms, maybe slightly harder than the 260 mission or as a CW Campaign tank would be fine by me, but in rampage, no. 
- *******"

-I actually meet and had fun with this person at TankFest and was very sad and surprised to see him in the banned list, we talked about it during Friday, he is truly sorry and we made a trade, instead of I lashing him until an inch of his life he offered to pay me a beer which I accepted, I may still tap his arse, violently.

Letter #3


As for mission rigging I feel we all came to a general agreement that the missions are pure luck. I tried for a full week for one mission just one just to see someone else get it because he got 6 kills. The missions is do DMG and get top exp and dmg. Now for this you need kills and flags the issue is if you are doing this you don't have time to do damage. 

The next issue is if you go solo you hardly have any chanche so you already have to go into a platoon, This example is only one of few all the missions are about the same alot of them depend on pure luck and nothing else. Believe me we tried including me I sat there for ages trying to do missions.

Now you can say whats the difference between the 260 missions? In randoms not that many people are trying to do missions but in rampage everybody is trying to get them. You get teamkilled team blocked etc etc for flags. Also with 260 you know that all missions are possible you just need some RNG luck but with these rampage missions alot of the objectives have nothing do with eachother and you don't have enough time or vp points to do this before the timer runs out.

WG has made it so even the best players I know can't manage to do certain messages and not trying to brag or anything but if some off the best players on the server think that the missions are extremly luck dependant and impossible how long would it take before others agree? After about a week alot of the major clans came to the agreement that the missions were a waste off time and its easier to do them in group.

The Steel Hunt missions are allright in comparisson to domination the domination ones are just incredibly hard to do, you need an insane amount of luck for some its like a 1/1000 chanche to do this. Sorry if my other post came over agressive it felt like I was getting put in a bad light and targeted for something that alot of people are doing.

I think the core problem lays in the fact that:

1) Missions are to hard
2) People are all trying to do there missions

From this came the general agreement they are to hard, They made the tank so hard that nobody would be able to get it or would need to hardcore grind it. I mean 260 is difficult aswell but atleast you know you can do it. These missions are a joke like I said the objectives make no sense they want you to do DMG deliver the flag at the same time and get kills its just insane and thats not even the hardiest mission...."

-This person is one of the WGL players.

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