Wednesday, 23 December 2015

WoT Xbox: Toy Tank Mode & Emblems

Hello Warriors,

I only ask, why is WoTs PC not doing cool stuff like this? To celebrate the holidays WoT Xbox is presenting a fun mode called "Toy Tank", check out the trailer:

And the making of it (unlisted video):


-This Mode wil be available from 24 December, 3:01 (ET) until 28 December, 2:59 (ET)


  • The Tank has no monetary value and if you sell it you wont get another
  • When the mode ends, the Toy tank and its Garage Slot will be removed
  • Crews (whether it be Crews provided for the Toy tank or your own) in the Toy tank when the mode ends will be sent to the Barracks
  • Consumables equipped on the Toy tank will be sent to the Depot


-WoT Xbox players will be able to get these emblems until 8 of January, 2:59 (ET).

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