Thursday, 5 November 2015

05/11/2015 Q&A

- The 9.12 test is still rather unstable, it will be fixed
- T92 Light Tank might appear in WoT but only as a premium and its introduction is not certain
- 75mm ARES American prototype light tank RDF/LT in WoT? "No comment"
- The leaked Korean Patton has 192mm penetration while the T95E2 and 59-Patton with the same gun have 172mm? "No comment"
- Q: "Storm, what are you doing in WG? After all War Thunder has destructable buildings!" A: "Go whine to another community, please."
- Technical internal client changes planned for 10.0 will be implemented in the future
- 9.12 will not bring any decal bonus mechanism (the bonus is set to 0)
- Q: "Storm, why can't we buy premium tanks for credits?" A: "Please stay on topic" (the topic is test 9.12)
- Q: "Why don't you remove Mittengard? Players presented good arguments against it." A: "Yea I remember these arguments: 'ITS SHIIIIIIIIIIT'"
- The introduction of Mittengard improved the conversion of newbies to players who continue to play the game by several percent
- Province was not removed because sides were imbalanced, Storm said no such thing. It was removed because its gameplay was bad for newbies
- The map tiering will be removed for experienced players, but Province will not return
- One of the problems of Province was that its average battle time was much higher than on other maps because it was just one big campfest
- Confirmed: Chieftain will not replace FV215b - "there are other plans"
- Storm will not talk about arty rebalance yet in order not to produce negative spamfest

*Sigh...* I feel for Storm sometimes...

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