Wednesday, 12 August 2015

WoT's SuperPershing Review

Hello Warriors,

I was a bit reluctant to share this video on the blog from the WoT RU youtube channel, its a review of the SuperPershing:

Made me cringe the way they are trying to sell a tank as being so good when is one of the easiest to subdue in this game. Also, the part of the penetration (6:30min), for me, a Premium tank is primarily something to earn extra credits with, I never complained before that WG is trying to promote premium shell usage before as I don't deem it to be such a big of a issue, but on a premium tank... really? A premium tank that requires premium shell usage to be of any use is not a good investment.

"Who uses APCR with a BL-10 though?"-3:13min
- You would be surprised...

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