Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Armored Warfare: Get your arse in EA4!

Hello Warriors,

the phase 4 of the Armored Warfare Early Access is ready for download.

Patch size: 10,31 GB

The servers will be live between August 13th - August 30th.

  • Please make sure to have enough free space on your drive as the game usually requires around 20 GB of space by itself
  • The installation process can take quite a long time due to the size of the game, depending on the speed of the PC drive

And here is the "Achtung!" I warned about earlier, tomorrow will be livestreaming AW from 6pm until 11pm CET:
As I promised a couple days ago, I will be unlocking and playing with as much tanks as possible (AW lads were very kind to boost me with XP and Credits), showing this patch main changes (specially the support Artillery) and gonna make sure to drop codes casually.

 It's dangerous to go alone, take this AW codes with you:
  • AWCBT211855FM8HI
  • AWCBT2119D59FATR
  • AWCBT211GB95LPY1
See you tomorrow in the battlefield!

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