Sunday, 5 July 2015

UK Journalist invited to Russia by WG: "Russia is shit"

Hello warriors,

a very entertaining case with associated Russian butthurt happened yesterday. The story goes like this: British games journalist Steve Hogarty was invited to Saint Petersburg, Russia by Wargaming to test and write about World of Warships. He travelled there, met with Wargaming people and summed his experiences in a very critical article:

I recommend you to read it, Steve Hogarty's style is ironic and refreshing.

As this post's title suggests, he was not impressed with Russia because:

- he was actually robbed in St.Petersburg
- the food was shit
- people are always angry (apart from Wargaming guys who were professional)
- women are very similar to one another to him

Really, read the thing, it's funny :)

The critical article caused much Russian outrage with numerous Russian game blogs and pages bashing him (especially the comments are sometimes very toxic). Fortunately, he does not have to care about that much because at the end of his post, he swore he'd never return to Russia ever again...

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