Sunday, 5 July 2015

June Contributors

Hello Warriors,

Forth month is now complete!

June was relaxing for most part except for TankFest, had a great experience there and it exceeded all my expectations, you can read here about it.
Been extra committed to work and spending my free time watching the series "Red Dwarf", "Blackadder" and "Defiance" (mostly for Stahma Tarr, the Votan character played by Jaime Murray, she is so goddamn hot!) and in the reading section been busy with "The Martian" and "The Desert Spear" (second book of "The Demon Cycle" from Peter V. Brett. Also, the "Resident Evil" filmmakers have bought the film rights for it.). After that will be raiding Jingles's military book collection, and before someone says anything, yes...will be putting DeathTraps aside. :)

Friends. :)
 As most of you know I don't run ads on the blog for your uncluttered viewing pleasure, the blog runs solely from Patrons support, if you feel like becoming one this is the place:

This are the Patrons of June:
  • Samuel Hallam
  • BookemDanno
  • Ethan_
  • p4mpelmuse
  • Robert Meachen
  • McBain
  • FunkySideBurns
  • Thomas Millard
  • Luke "Caslas" Westwood
  • Matthew Shine
  • webium (A mod maker.)
  • Donovan A Willett
  • Michael Duke
  • william brown
  • Woddak
  • Don L. Kress III
  • Jonas Pollaschek
  • Duncan
  • Dave
  • Michael Bermingham
  • Tony Rye
  • Diego Longo
  • Michael Andreen
  • Tony Strandberg
  • christopher mcfie
  • PointyHairedJedi (His Youtube channel)
  • Der_Tod_42
  • simhub
  • Gustavo Rabelo
  • Mickey Dabbelyou (Nice to meet you at Tankfest!)
  • LibertasAnLetum
  • Myril
  • Dyme
  • Vu Nhat Tu
  • elr
  • Wurstmann
  • Steve
  • Marc Bourgoin
  • motorace
  • Christoffer Dahlblom
  • SGarv
  • argonaut747
  • McQwak
  • misael contreras
  • Jenka Tamar
  • Feldwebel_fin
  • Peter Nordlund
  • Xinchen Yu
  • Søren
  • Tom Johnston
  • SadoMasticator WoT-NA
  • Havoc199
  • Ewan hewett
 If your nickname is not here is because or the payment method was declined or you became a Patron recently and are to be featured the next month. Nevertheless, thank you very much everyone, Patrons and readers! <3

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