Saturday, 18 April 2015

Armored Warfare: Artillery Development Update

Earlier this year when Armored Warfare opened the first Alpha test server the players expressed their distaste for the Artillery mechanics by stating that it didn't presented anything new in comparison from other games. Well, Obsidian did listened to the community and they made a number of changes, please be aware that this change may not be definite, they are making sure to make things as right and fair as possible.

The changes are:

  • Incoming Artillery Warning;
  • Counter Battery Radar
  • New Camera View
  • General Balance Changes (like the maximum artillery units allowed in a battle)
You can read everything in detail here:

I've been playing during this Alpha testing phase and have to say that I'm very satisfied with the changes, also find them to be fair for both parties and even although I always keep myself moving in the battles, its very nice to have a warning that you are being targeted.

What is your opinion? 


  1. So they changed arty as seen in WoT to arty as seen in WoT using that arty mod... not very innovative

    1. and yes, the other changes will make arty... even more useless. I thought everyone could always see arty on the minimap as it was? And that arty incoming warning is.. in my opinion.. kind of equal to sixth sense

    2. Nope. It's not like sixth sense. Not even close. The arty indicator tells you that an arty shell is on the way and you have to move _now_, if you want to avoid it.

    3. Sixth sense means you are spotted, an arty shell will be on its way to you soon. Honestly dodging arty isn't hard, just move when you are spotted and you won't get hit. Now there's this, the icon pops up and not even 3 seconds later BOOM. That's not enough time to get out of the way, not useful in my eyes.

    4. Three seconds are more than enough. At least for me.

  2. Hmm, Is there Korean vehicle in AW?

  3. I hope they will add a new perk in WoT that let you know when artillery is targeting you (like 6th sense but without the 3s delay)

  4. Well.
    First of all AW developers are at least trying to do something about player feedback about artillery since they are really a modern clone of WoT and they do not even deny it (which is nice) so they must do something about it.. And it seems they want to attract players with polite developers doing what players ask.. So they listen to angry WoT players and do things a bit different ... WG does not even care about feedback... or they do but not very much.. They already earned their milions.. so why would they right ? About incoming warning I do not really see this as sixth sense... You will be warned that you are targeted by artillery ... the most hated class in game... I mean you really do not mind when you spotted by other medium tank and in case they wont hit your ammo rack you can take a hit or two without problems.. On the other hand if this warning would be like sixth sense you would have no idea that the one who is targeting you is tank which can one shot you without problem.. I mean you will react different when you will see warning about arty aiming at you and not knowing who is actually aiming at you :) About that radar.. You are right.. WoT is old and people usually know where arty will most likely be even without radar... But the feature which will tell you its always nice... especialy for new players.... That camera view... I think its nice to see they actually respond and do something about player feedback...

  5. - Incoming Artillery Warning:
    Arty will get useless with such feature. As soon as the arty tries to aim, the target will get crazy and climb the walls just to avoid a hit. Perfect for trolling while waiting for your reload.

    - Counter Battery Radar:
    Noone will shoot because as soon as they do they will be counter artied or killed by a suicidal n00b scout.

    - New Camera View & General Balance Changes:
    Well these atleast sound a bit interesting. But I still think that arty is fine as it is. There's much more things ingame that needs attention then arty.

    This is the problem, not arty: