Saturday, 18 April 2015

18.04.2015 Q&A

The tier 8 IS-5 tank will be obtainable via a clan wars event. This event:

- Will come by the end of May (or perhaps a bit later) on RU server (EU/NA are unclear);
- It will be a tier 8 event;
- It will likely be the last event before CW overhaul;
- It will take no more than two weeks;
- The IS-5 tank characteristics are final;
- IS-5 will be obtainable only by playing in a clan (it won't be sold or given for other events).

And because there wasn't much for today so I'm gonna leave this video here... a whole new level of "Unfair Plane Kemp Bush":

Already played this video some 5 times, cant stop laughing! (Thank you "Abdool" for sharing!)


  1. IS-5 is an award tank. I know.

    But is it also a premium tank?
    Will it make money like a tier 8 prem?

    Also, WG, please, all this premium spam and shit... exclusive content *SPITS* ... please, there are better ways to do this shit.
    Also, pls balance tier 3-7 HP at last! The difference in HP between classes and tiers is TOO great. Do it... please, it hurts new players and old players that like some actual effin balance on the lower tiers...

  2. Is that the van from dumb & dumber?