Friday, 5 February 2016

Sentinel AC I on Normal Server


while Sentinel AC IV just appeared in Supertest, the Sentinel 1 is already being used by Wargaming Staff in the normal server:

I was kind to make a version for the Australian readers! <3

When this vehicle was announced WG staff said this vehicles are "a homage to the support the Australian community has shown" but in my opinion is a big middle finger to them. Wargaming had the capacity to bring an Australian line of tanks (Ch-160, Scofield, Sentinels) and decided to kill it by plucking both Sentinel AC 1 and AC IV and turn them into premiums (*). This is a waste of market appealing, they could have the Australian players eating out of their hand but instead chose to throw their interest gain down the toilet.

It's a shame...

(*) Edit
The decision to throw this possible line away was most likely because there are no viable high tiers to complete it and this is what I don't understand and it feels like the company suffers from bipolarity because they never had issues to invent tanks to complete tech trees and/or for no other reason than making a couple extra bucks (like 59 Patton).

What you think about this?

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