Monday, 15 February 2016

15/02/2016 Q&A


there is another Q&A out there which is not official and to be honest its half arsely done, however, there are a few truth parts, I filtered/compiled and Ivan translated them for you:

- Regarding the low tier tanks and the fact some modules were removed from them (in some cases stock ones, in some cases top ones), this is intentional and has been approved for a while in order to make the life for new players easier by removing unnecessary elements from early on in the game.
- 9.14 is delayed and will come when its problems are fixed
- The main task for the new motion physics is now to make the motion itself correct. A revision of the damage caused by tanks driving on top of each other will come later
- WT E-100 will not be switched for its replacement any time soon, certainly not in 9.14 (RG: It will be ASAP)
- The idea being personal missions is good but Slava Makarov thinks they didn't implement it properly in order for it to be popular
- Storm denies the statement that there will never be skill MM in WoT

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