Saturday, 6 February 2016

06/02/2016 Storm Q&A


Storm came back from the living after the usuals over the Russian server spat enough fake crap:

- it's not true that WG completely scrapped Havoc
- there will be no servers without artillery
- T49 will not receive the gun-launched ATGMs
- it's theoretically possible that LT10 will be implemented, but not anytime soon, the developers haven't simply even get to this question yet
- it was not considered yet to reduce XP and silver to players who do not contribute to the fight
- current perk/skill overhaul is in development, but it is for now in very early stage, the developers are still considering the concept, developers are even considering active perks
- on one meeting with players, a random WG staffmember disclosed that from now on, the developers would be listening to players much more and that they even made an entire department for this purpose. Storm states that this is a complete fabrication
- the same developer allegedly announced that +/-1 MM might be coming since the experience from Blitz with it was positive, Storm states that this too is made up, there are no such plans, reduced MM spread is only theoretically possible on low tiers to make learning the game easier and even this was not discussed yet
- FV215b will definitely be replaced, the only question is "when"
- the same "developer" above allegedly stated that the last accuracy overhaul brought a large number of issues but it's simply not possible to perform a rollback, Storm states this is complete crap
- the XP for tanking topic was recently revived, it might be introduced
- Sixth Sense will be given to the radioman as announced a long time ago during the perk/skill overhaul
- the developers do not want to make perks the way they are made in WoWs, but the entire perk status is still really vague

Apart from this... it became public that Storm is no longer working at Minsk, he's been transferred to the WG's Cyprus office.

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