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Armored Warfare: Upcoming Chieftain Mk. 6


Armored Warfare will be introducing the Chieftain Mk. 6, there is no date yet (more details coming next week) but so far the only information available is that it wont be sold, instead, Obsidian will be giving plenty to go around codes to their favourite content producers who then will distribute it among you, I personally already got my vehicle and took some screenshots and wrote down the statistics for you.

Thanks to Dalus and obj_101 for joining in the screenshot. :)

As you can see, Chieftain Mk. 6 looks just like the standard Mk. 5 but prettier.

Chieftain Mk. 6 Statistics

Note: Because the statistic page updates its numbers I stripped the vehicles of crew skills and retrofits.

Gun: 120mm L15 APDS (Stock Chieftain Mk. 5 gun)
Damage: 339
Penetration: 272 mm
DPM: 2,498

Hit Points: 1.820
Armor Composition: Rolled Plate Armor
Hull Armor: 100/70/ 55
Hull Modifiers (AP/HE/SC): 1.15/ 1.15/ 1.15
Turret Armor: 195/ 120/ 50
Turret Modifiers (AP/HE/SC): 1.15/ 1.15/ 1.15
Top Speed: 48.60 km/h
Acceleration: 9.75 s
Camouflage: 0.045/ 0.045/ 0.045
View Range: 360 m
Depression: -10.0/ 0.0
Turret Traverse: 19.91 deg/s
Reload Time: 8.14 s
Accuracy: 0.11
Aiming Time: 2.14 s
Smoke Grenade: 1

Chieftain Mk.5 (Elite) Statistics for comparison:

Statistically, its like a cooked to medium rare Chieftain Mk. 5 but numbers are not everything, in-game the thing actually feels better than its standard version which I tell you, I don't like it! Chieftain Mk. 5 was nothing but a boring bile inducing obstacle I had to take to unlock my beloved Challies. But this MBT, I'm actually having fun with it!

Crew Skills Recommended

Commander: Freja H.
  • Anti Material Explosives: Module damage caused to enemies increased by 20%
  • Take Aim: Aim speed improved by 10%
  • Quick Swap: Ammo swap speed increased by 20%
  • Fire When Ready: Reload time reduced by 10%
  • Deadly Explosives: Damage to enemy crew increased by 50% for 60s after destroying an enemy module.

  • Off-Road Driving: Acceleration on off-road terrain increased by 10%
  • Spin to Win: Hull Traverse speed improved by 10%

  • Quick Draw: Aim speed improved by 10%
  • Do the Twist: Turret Traverse speed improved by 10%

  • Rapid fire: Reload time reduced by 5%
  • Explosive shells: Module damage improved by 20%

Retrofits Recommended 

  • Air Induction Precleaner: + Acceleration / Hull Traverse Speed (schematics can be found on OF-40, Leopard 2AV and Leopard 2A5)

-Chieftains in AW can be quite sluggish and clunky, because there is no mobility retrofit slots, its imperative you place it on the Universal. I tried the Upgraded Transmission (+Acceleration only) but it took its manoeuvrability away (it gained idiotic speeds without being able to turn) making the Air Induction Precleaner a more logical option.

  • Internal Hull Reinforcement: + Hit Points (Schematics can be found on the M551 Sheridan and Stingray 2)
  • Reinforced Ammo Rack: + Hull hit Points / + Ammo Rack HP (Schematics can be found on M60, XM1 and M1A1 Abrams)

-Chieftain Mk. 6 has one of the worst armor values (compared to other MBTs of same tier) so stack on those Hit Points! Internal Hull Reinforcement is the first rational option, on the second slot I opted for Reinforced Ammo Rack because I've noticed that this vehicle gets the ammorack damaged more often than its engine or crew.


  • Advanced Thermal Sleeve: + Reload Time (Schematic can be found on Centauro)

-This MBT already has a insane Aiming Time due to its Lvl. 5 crew and the damage it deals is not bad so I opted to go full on the Reload Time with Advanced Thermal Sleeve.

Chieftain Mk. 6 Statistics with these crew skills and Retrofits

Note: With these I went from a mediocre 5k to +10k damage.

Uploaded a stream highlight of my first battle in it if you are interested:


I haven no email from Obsidian yet but if they give me codes most likely will be giving them away on livestream, its easier to gather people and at the same time I can show that the giveaway is being done legally. 

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