Thursday, 3 December 2015

Type 59 Giveaway Contest

Hello Warriors,

there is a contest on NA where 3 Type 59's are being given if they manage to spell out "Happy Holidays" with the first letter of the destroyed player names :

Start Date: 12/3/15
End Date: 01/04/16 at 9:00am PT

1st: Type 59 + Garage Slot + 3,000 Gold + One Month Premium Time
2nd: Type 59 + Garage Slot + 2,500 Gold + 3 Weeks Premium Time
3rd: Type 59 + Garage Slot + 2,000 Gold + 2 Weeks Premium Time
4th: 1,500 Gold + 7 days Premium Time
5th: 1000 Gold + 7 days Premium Time.

- The word must be spelled with the first letters of players' names that you kill.
- Players must take a screenshot of the battle results "Personal Score" tab showing who they killed and post ALL the pictures in a single post.
- The word must be spelled within the time frame of the contest. The contest starts now and ends 01/04/2015 at 9:00am PDT!
- Only screenshots taken after the start date will be accepted.
- Pub matches only!
- One entry per person.
- Kills do not need to be from a single battle.
- A player name that starts with a duplicated letter in the phase is a valid entry for both instances. (Such as the "P" in "happy")

WG will randomly choose 5 completed entries to win prizes if they can get 5 at least, its ridiculous hard...

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