Monday, 21 December 2015

1st Czech Tank Brigade

Good morning lads and lasses,

before I start my morning jog check out what G.S , a member of a group who re-enacts the Red Army during the GPW has emailed me:

He says:
"I am a member of a group that reenacts Red Army during the GPW. I friend of mine posted these pictures of the 1st Czech Tank Brigade on our 193rd Rifle Division RKKA page, and I found them very interesting, as the tanks have the current Czech logo in WoT and several of the inscriptions that are available, such as Lidice. I find it really cool to find the actual examples that WoT bases some of its inscriptions, etc off of. If you haven't seen them before, well here you go!

Note: the pictures are taken ~1945 and they are all almost certainly propaganda shots."

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