Wednesday, 11 November 2015

T25 Pilot Number 1

Hello Warriors,

here the upcoming tier 8 premium Medium, T25 Pilot Number 1:


This was a project of the artillery service of the U.S.Army, based on the T23 medium tank with 90mm gun and improved armor. Two prototypes were mad as well as 40 mass-produced T25E1 vehicles.

Tier: 8 premium MT
Hitpoints: 1450
Engine: 500 hp
Weight: 37,335 tons
Power-to-weight: 13.39 hp/t
Maximum speed: 55/20 km/h
Hull traverse: 38 deg/s
Turret traverse: 39,6 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 0,863/1,055/1,822
Viewrange: 390
Radio range: 776,9
Hull armor: 76,2/50,8/? mm
Turret armor: 76,2/63,5/? mm

Gun: 90mm T7
Damage: 240/240/320
Penetration: 192/243/45
DPM: 1877,1
ROF: 7,821
Reload: 7,671
Accuracy: 0,345
Aimtime: 2,21s


3D Model:

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