Monday, 3 August 2015

WoT Blitz Q&A (July 2015)

 Here it is:

- The developers have ideas how to fix the "Baltic Shield" map. When it happens, it will be available for all tiers;
- No need to wait this year for "a legendary city map" - "it's worth waiting for";
- No plans for any hightier premius anytime soon;
- Patch 2.0 will bring iOS graphics settings;
- No plans to increase number of players in one battle, maybe in fun modes - but that won't come anytime soon;
- PC version has no influence on Blitz balance, Blitz vehicles are balanced based on Blitz statistics;
- There are plans for Object 907 and PT-76 but not soon;
- The upcoming British TD branch will be have its special "oneshot" characteristics (high caliber vehicles);
- Himmelsdorf is being worked on but it won't come in summer;
- Next patch is planned for August;
- Even today the game has mechanisms to detect and punish AFKers. Results are good.
- Inscriptions on gun barrels idea is good, developers are considering it;
- There will be marks of excellence on gun barrels but they will be very different from PC version and interesting;
- "Waffenträger" will lose 6 shells in order to balance it;
- For now only one British TD branch is planned (the one with FV215b 183);
- Next nation to be implemented won't be disclosed yet;
- In order to release autoloader tanks they have to be thoroughly tested in order not to break gameplay. They will come but it is unclear when;
- No plans to extend the quick command selection and make minimap interactive anytime soon;
- New tanks implemented later have better details, in the future the old tanks will be reworked to new details level;
- Android optimization is applied in every patch and WG is constantly working to improve performance. The issue is that Android devices have a large number of GPU's, screens and chipsets and it's impossible to optimize all at once;
- There are plans to implement MT-25 in the future;
- The reward for "heroic resistance" (rewarding losing as if you won if you get a medal) is a good idea and devs are working on it;
- There are no plans to include the option to disable the chat;
- Hit decals are not planned for anytime soon;
- There are plans for Blitz to alert you when your friend comes online as well as when someone sends you a private message;
- There will be "Main Caliber", "Demolition Expert" and "Arsonist" medals;
- Camouflage will come soon, it won't eat FPS;
- T-127 is planned;
- It's possible there will be a daily bonus for entering the game;
- Developers are still against Blitz mods;
- Soviet heavies will not be rebalanced anytime soon (as they were rebalanced recently);
- Collision models for Blitz will not be shown;
- Extended information about tanks is planned;
- No plans to create animated base flags for now;
- Hightier LT's are planned;
- T57 Heavy branch is not planned for anytime soon;
- While developers are working to improve the autoaim mechanism, it won't be a total overhaul and it won't come anytime soon.

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