Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Armored Warfare Resume

Hello Warriors,

I'm catching up information I haven't posted in the last days from Armored Warfare.

- Some things have happened, the Early Access third testing phase got extended until 21st of July, they will be adding premium vehicles to be tested during the course of the extended time and also made some changes.

  •     Fixed multiple issues and bugs causing game crashes (especially in the garage)
  •     Fixed the audio issues causing various sounds to cut out in battle
  •     PvE reward system temporarily changed: PvE ammunition and repairs now don’t cost any credits
  •     Fixed the issue where various skills and equipment affecting the aim time made it worse instead of improving it
Check also for the vehicle re-balances:

- To celebrate the French Bastille they decided to unveil one of the tanks they have under current development, the ERC 90 “Sagaie”

More images and a overview of the tank can be found here:

-  They also made a video showing all the tier 8 vehicles and have announced that tier 9 and 10 will be introduced once the Open Beta stage starts.

And if you read this far, here a gift for you, 10 Armored Warfare Access codes:

  • AWCBT21159P6F9LQ
  • AWCBT2119DZKD7I9 
  • AWCBT2119DYQ54KP
  • AWCBT2119Q35GQWQ 

 Will be adding more in the future, you give me so much... I'm always glad to give something back when possible. :)

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