Wednesday, 8 July 2015

9.9 Test Server: Phase 2

Hello Warriors,

moments after posting the Test Server Update on the blog, the EU portal posted information on the next phase more detailed than RU. So here it is...

This are the official changes Version 9.9 Public Test 2 vs. 9.9 PublicTest 1:

  • Replacement of the VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B by the Mäuschen was put on hold;
  • Added the ability to purchase the Japanese Tiger I Premium Heavy Tank and Kanonenjagdpanzer vehicles during the test.
  • Increased the view range of the Spähpanzer from 380 to 400 m.
  • Fixed some issues with the damage and armor models of the following vehicles: T-62A (front of the turret), M6A2E1 (front and sides of the turret), T110E3 (front of the superstructure and hull).
  • Fixed some issues with the visual models of the following vehicles: Object 777, M6A2E1, Jagdpanther, Ferdinand, Caernarvon, Spähpanzer, Т-62А, JagdPz E 100, Maus.

Graphics and Maps:
  • Removed the test version of the Fiery Salient map.
  • Fixed many visual issues with maps.
  • Fixed the incorrect display of water on certain maps when using the standard renderer.
  • Fixed the insufficient brightness of Camouflage on some vehicles.
  • Fixed the incorrect display of shadows for integrated Intel HD Graphics video adapters.
  • Fixed the display of semi-transparent foliage with the TSSAA-LQ or TSSAA-HQ enabled.
  • Improved the performance of effects in the Sniper Mode.
  • Fixed the excessive brightness of vehicle track traces.

  • Fixed many issues with the Steel Hunt event.
  • Significantly reworked the economy of the Steel Hunt event.
  • Fixed many hang-ups and crashes of the game client.
  • Fixed the issue with battle level exceptions not working properly for some vehicles.
  • Fixed the display of post-battle statistics when playing in a Platoon.
  • Fixed the functionality of the Command Menu and the "Attention to sector...!" command.
  • Fixed some issues with the Team Battle mode.
  • Fixed some minor issues with interface.

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