Monday, 20 July 2015

9.9 Common Bug fixes

Hello Warriors,

in the EU forums, Ectar, one of the EN CC Managers posted some steps you can take to fix some of the 9.9 bugs:

The game resolution appears to be blurry.
Please go to your Settings menu, and then Graphics.  Try disabling the feature "Dynamic Adjustment".  We're aware of this issue affecting some players and investigate any further causes.

There is no transition from the Spähpanzer 1.C to the Indien Panzer.  The stats from the Aufklärungspanzer Panther remain seperate and don't count as Spähpanzer 1.C battles
We're double checking the first issue, it appears to be intended there is no longer a link between these vehicles.  - The stats also appears to be kept separate so your AFK Panther stats will be kept separate.

My game crashes on "Updating Hangar"
It's a high probability you have removed the awesomium folder. You can resolve this issue via the following steps:
I use a Mac and my game crashes a lot since 9.9
We're sorry you experienced this issue, a fix has already been deployed for this and the Mac version of the game should now run correctly. If you still experience issues please reinstall the game

For Windows users most crashes are related to the missing awesomium folder as previously described or outdated mods (especially when trying to join Domination matches).  Please use the following guide to help resolve your issue:
  • Download the file:
  •     Open the game folder, then open the “res” folder. Extract the content of the archive in the res folder.
  • Download the file:
  • Put it in the game folder.
  • Run wot_mods.bat.
  • If needed, create an empty folder in res_mods named “9.9” (without quotes).
  • Then try to enter the game.
If that doesn't help, please contact our support team and provide us with a WGCheck report file, in order to do so please check our article here:

Crashes when entering hangar before joining any battle.
Most cases this is related to the awesomium folder which is required for the in-game browser.  - Please reinstall the game and make sure not to remove this folder.

Mac crashes.
Issue was fixed yesterday by wrapper update.

Crashes in battles when using XVM (very large number of reports).
Due to a mini-map file that was updated in 9.9 the client stopped to work correctly when XVM is installed.
It is very important to make sure you are not using any kind of out dated version from XVM.   - There is a player fix already for this however please note installing mods/files on your computer is at your own risk

Crashes when playing on a PC with combination AMD (Radeon) + Catalyst 15.7 driver
Also when using this driver you might face an issue when landscape on a map may disappear.
This Issue is quite complex. We are investigating it and trying to find a solution. Unfortunately we didn't filtered out this bug during Common test, since this version of the driver was released on 7 July when CT was almost finished. We can recommend as a temporary solution to use an older version of a driver. We are working on the solution and hope to fix the issue soon.

Crash directly after finishing a battle  (small number of reports).
Some players have this issue. We have found the reason and preparing a fix.

Freezes when joining "Steel hunt" battle and using advanced multimedia keyboards from Logitech.
Reason is found, fix is going to be released in a bunch with some other fixes mentioned above.
As result 3 cases among 7 mentioned above are already resolved and 3 waiting for fixing within the next time.”

Hope it helps!

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