Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Wargaming's FAQ 9.8

Hello warriors,

Wargaming made a rather lengthy Q&A session on Russian server regarding patch 9.8. Some questions in it are server-specific and as such it is not sure it will appear on EU server as well. Here's thus an excerpt. Oh and it's confirmed that the M48A2/T54E2/T123E6 will be a CW tank.

- Domination mode was postponed for this week because it was found out that with some mods enabled the client would lock up after exiting the battle;
- In 9.8 the "calculation of the spaced armor penetration" of Super Pershing was wrong. This was fixed and the turret armor was made thicker by covering the "mantlet hole" behind the mantlet with 101mm of additional armor (the blue zone):

- There is a bug where you press enter during battle countdown and the team lists will extend to their full size and stay that way until the end of the battle, this will be fixed in next patch;
- Some individual missions had their positions shifted. If an incomplete mission was replaced by a completed one, the progress is locked and the player can no longer claim the reward. This is a bug and WG is working on fixing it.
- Chatbanned players can make dynamic platoons;

- The "credits and XP" info from post-battle debriefing screen will return in the next patch;
- "Sand River" map now makes tanks use summer camo and not desert one, this will be fixed in 9.9;
- A medal you receive for getting 5 girl crew members is currently bugged, it will be fixed in upcoming patches;
- HD models are not necessarily tied to armor overhaul (respectively the need to change armor of some vehicles);
- Popular and premium vehicles come in HD earlier than the rest;
- XP and credit transfer from player to player is not planned;
- Upcoming tier 6 Japanese Tiger will come in 9.9, 9.10 will bring Japanese heavies apparently;
- Developers are not working on switching visual camouflage to HD;
- Bigger maps than there currently are are not planned at the moment;
- The option to "clip through" allied tanks for the first minute in battle in order to make moving from spawn easier is not planned;
- There are no plans to introduce the strict WoWs teamkill penalty to WoT;
- There are no plans to introduce player-made camos and decals;
- Developers are working on new customization system;
- There are no plans for now to add limited visibility maps (night fighting, bad weather);
- Currently the biggest update project for WoT is the new motion physics as well as tier 9-10 TD and MT penetration nerf. New maps are being prepared: Paris, Studyanki (Poland) and Berlin.
- Paris will be a mixed map (something like Ruinberg but with different atmosphere and gameplay), Studyanki is an open map like Murovanka and Prokhorovka, Berlin will be a smaller city map (like Himmelsdorf).

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