Monday, 1 June 2015

Early Storm QA

- According to Storm, this is a part of matchmaker functioning normally;
- There are no plans to remove Malinovka from hightier battles;
- There are no plans to remove Prokhorovka from hightier battles either (or at all);
- T-34-85 "Rudy"'s S-53 gun has improved penetration because "it has different shells";
- Rudy's gun is also more accurate than regular T-34/85's gun because "the tank is manned by a mega-crew and a dog";
- T-34-85M doesn't have the improved Rudy's shells because "back then we did not consider it as necessary";
- Storm cannot comment on "World of Tanks 2.0";
- WoT development will not end with patch 1.0;
- There's a bug in 9.8 where some completed personal missions do not count. It will be fixed.
- Storm states that the alleged issue with artillery aim circle "twitching" in 9.8 is not confirmed and must be investigated further;
- There were no changes to accuracy in 9.8;
- According to Storm Wargaming is not afraid to chat ban toxic players even though this might result in monetary losses: "We deemed it so that there will be more profit in that."
- Post-battle tank statistics are broken, they now sort tanks based on their names and not tiers.

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