Saturday, 20 June 2015

20.06.2015 Q&A

 Here it is:

- Q: "The guy who rebalanced Soviet medium penetration should be hanged by the balls!" A: "Why are you rude?"
- In 9.9 apart from two maps 14 old vehicles will be reworked to HD
- Storm states that the alleged duty of every WG employee to play WoT as a part of his job is a myth
- Developers are not working on multi-layer carousel in the garage because it's not necessary, instead there will be improved filters
- Storm praises the XVM guys for making a fix that removes the Domination tanks from the first spots in the garage carousel
- For now there are no plans to switch GW E-100 for anything
- Multiturret mechanism for multiturret Japanese heavies? "I don't understand why would you need a machinegun-equipped miniturret when you have a 150mm gun" (adds that these small miniturret guns wouldn't be useful even against very light targets such as the French)
- Lowest tier Japanese heavy tank will be tier 3
- Giving out exclusive lowtier tanks to elite players is not a good idea (sealclubbing)
- Multiturret vehicles are about 15 vehicles, almost all lowlevel
- The WoT audience is not very interested in playing lowlevel tanks (by lowlevel Storm means tanks until level 5)
- Armored cars are not considered to be implemented for now (not even for 2016) - there are too few medium and high tiers and there aren't cars for all the nations
- There will not be more light tanks for now
- Maus secondary gun (75mm short) would be useless as well, it can't penetrate Batchat from the front and not even always through the sides but it might be fun for PvE mode
- Average battle takes 7 minutes but average life expectancy of one player in battle is 4 minutes
- Storm would like to have the hydropneumatic suspension of STB-1 in the game but he is not a manager, he can't give the order to implement it, there are other people who need to be convinced that the players need this feature
- Experimenting with existing mechanisms (such as penetration) on live servers is very dangerous
- There are no plans for one man training rooms. The fact that Gaijin has those doesn't mean much: "with their low online numbers it's not a problem"
- Offline maps (with clientside calculations) will not be made
- There are no special measures being taken (for example during map rework) to shorten the combat distance
- The reworked Murovanka was a real improvement according to Storm
- New sounds in WoT? "What can I say. We are working on it. No ETA."
- T110E5 in HD will come "a bit later" than 0.9.9
- WG's T110E5 is not really historical, it's more like "inspired by T110 program"
- There will not be any free premium VK4502B for players
- Storm doesn't know how the developers will make tank parts (bags, fuel tanks) shake and stuff on the move (whether by Havok or otherwise) but it will be done
- Regarding penetration: "We are trying to make it historical but if it doesn't fit the balance, we will adjust it. It was always like that."
- The mission to get free FV4202 will be available to everyone who has it unlocked (no ETA)
- Storm confirms: the S-Tank will be implemented
- S-Tank suspension has nothing to do with new motion physics
- It's possible that the BL-9 on IS-3 is too short, Storm will investigate
- Object 757 will not be implemented, it's too OP
- Developers are working on balancing the Mammut
- The tier 8-10 penetration consists of only nerfs, vehicles with lower penetration such as АМХ 1390, Т32, АТ-15 will not get any buffs
- There are no plans to give players who paid a lot of money to WG some free stuff (exclusive tanks)

And the Daily, wonder what are his archer stats:

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