Wednesday, 8 April 2015

08.04.2015 Stream (ended)

Happy Wednesday everyone, nope the week is treating you good!
Will be streaming World of Tanks for the next hours, today there is tank requests and I have a big announcement to make! I'm so excited for this weekend!


  1. Can you post the Mission that you mentioned on your stream For N/A and others?

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    1. NOPE, the week has not been treating me very WELL. My MM has been terrible.

    2. There ARE tank requests?

    3. Yes there are, I'm already doing them.

    4. Jump down from that horse Mark. She made one grammar mistake. How many languages are you fluent in? I"m sure you never make an error. EVER. Tool.

  3. 1) You got engaged... thus breaking the hearts of tankers worldwide.
    2) You've come out to announce you're gay. Again great but see #1
    3) You're pregnant with a little tanker on the way...
    4) You received a New Job
    5) You're shutting down Rita's blog to go work for Armoured Warfare.. hold on remember that from somewhere....
    6) You've just received partnership with Twitch which means all your streams will be HD
    7) You're going on vacation and won't be around for the 9.7 or 9.8 launches..

    Is it any of those Rita?

  4. "nope the weekend" HAHAHAHA Rita OH YOU!