Monday, 7 December 2015

07/12/2015 Day/Stream

Hello Warriors,

pretty much done with the blog for today so its time for a livestream.

Starting a bit later than usual, spent most of my day over and The Tank Museum with David Willey. I like this man, I had been around him before but we only had spoken briefly but he always been a good sport, today we spent a couple hours together and he made me laugh and blush so much.

David Willey

The reason I've kept secrecy about it my and other whereabouts its mostly because I didn't wanted anyone to waste fuel/money to try to meet but also as off lately I've became extra private as people randomly started recognizing us in the streets and although I love communicating with you over the internet or major events like TankFest (UK) or LeŇ°any Tank Day (CZ) I'm a very quiet and shy person (except when I get hyperactive from lack of sleep or too much coffee and this happens: "Freak" ) in real life who just really wants to be around tanks, books and a pint of beer.

Back in October I attended the museum's Annual General Meeting to help Ed Francis planting some nice ideas on the board's mind and to give some of my own as well but my presence there was mainly to show that there is real interest from people like me who do "internet stuff. They are trying to reach you and we have the tools so expect some cool stuff in the future, and not just from me.
The Tank Museum has offered me very interesting opportunities, some of them are out of my comfort zone but I've said yes. I prefer to try and see the results than being too afraid and end up never knowing. I will keep details hidden, for now.

Also when I arrived back home had a bunch of emails and skype messages with more offers from other instances... I'm feeling overwhelmed and in good way! Will give you more info when the time is right.

I cant thank enough all of you for this, without your support cool things like this never would have happened! I love you, as a community.

And although I'm really in a good mood right now and just feel like dancing while holding a cat to this song

I'm late for streaming!!! So lets do this comrades!

203 Tanks, EU/NA and a grille:

07/12/2015 Q&A

- in the future, the option will be added to list the statistics for specific tanks within the game
- there are plans to fix the personal missions in the "last man standing" mode, no ETA
- developers are fixing the HD models of vehicles released in HD quality as first ones
- the developers will fix the MM in order for tier 8 vehicles not to appear constantly in tier 10 battles
- Polish branch? "No comment"
- there are no plans to fix the situation where WZ-132 ammo rack explodes too often
- there are no plans to buff penetration or hitpoints of the TVP T 50/51
- regarding the roof armor of American premium T34, the developers are asking players not to whine about it anymore and instead to compare the roof of the old model (left) to the new one (right):

The vulnerable area remains the same. It became a bit wider, but at the same time the cupola vulnerable area was almost completely removed. As a result, the total vulnerable area remains the same. The developers state that the vehicle did not become any worse and still can tank with turret.

And a wtf image I got emailed today by Beast Killer who says: "Now we know why the Maus tank is so big :P"

Guys... may you never change. :D

Armored Warfare: Bounty Hunt

Hello Warriors,

in Armored Warfare, from December 8th until December 11th we will be able to earn MERC tanks by hunting down AW employees in-game, this is the schedule:

North American Server
12/8/15 – 5:30-6:30pm PST (8:30-9:30pm EST)
12/9/15 – 6:30-7:30pm PST (9:30-10:30pm EST)
12/10/15 – 7:30-8:30pm PST (10:30-11:30pm EST)
12/11/15 – 7:30-8:30pm PST (10:30-11:30pm EST)

-Daily from 11-12pm PST (2-3am EST) for Asian and Oceanic players.

European Server:
8.12.2015 – 5-6pm CET
9.12.2015 – 6-7pm CET
10.12.2015 – 7-8pm CET
11.12.2015 – 8-9pm CET

When Chipotle strikes

Hello Warriors,

The winter at Panzer Farm has arrived and they started using the engine heating system in their T-55, this is how it looks:

Sounds like a steam train.. :)

Massive Ban Wave

Hello Warriors,

over the WoT's Russian server, there was a stronk massive temporary ban wave against players (*) that rigged the Rampage Personal Missions, 450 of them in particular were stripped from their T-22 sr. reward, named and shamed in the forums and the devs already warned that those who try to infringe the ToS a second time will be permanently banned.

I guess its time for a shame nun:
*Ring Ring* Here
The cherry on top of the cake on the story would be pulling the missions back and making them more doable so things like this don't keep on happening, even some WG staff has publicly written that they have stopped trying to complete them as they are nearly impossible. And maybe a less OP tank as a reward would be nice as well... T-22 is the biggest "whale clubber" (high tier "seal clubber") I've played with, it feels just wrong!

(*) Without much of a big surprise, most of the banned players belong to "top" clans.


Good morning lovely people,

just to warn that will be away for most of the day,  I've woken up at ungodly hours to get out and come back home as early as possible for you.

Cant talk much for now but got summoned for important tank stuff, will give you more details if possible once I'm back. 
In H&G, went into a new level of "panzerjagering"!
PS: woke up sooner to see if there was any work for the blog  but nothing besides what I posted before going to bed last night.

Wish me luck! <3

On Track: IS-4

Hello Warriors,

From 7 December until 21 December the next "On Track" (tier 10 discount) on NA server will be the IS-4.

Other vehicles of the branch on discount are:

50% discount on purchase:

  • T-26
  • T-46
  • T-28
  • KV-1
  • T-150
  • KV-3
+ 1.3 Combat XP (Conditions: At least 2 enemies damaged)

30% discount on purchase:

  • KV-4
  • ST-I
  • IS-4
+ x2 Crew XP (Conditions: At least 2 enemies damaged)

Now here comes the good bit, if you make 25.000 XP driving with any of the vehicles above you will earn:
  • x2 Small First Aid Kit
  • x2 Large First Aid Kit
  • x2 Small Repair Kit
  • x2 Large Repair Kit 
  • x2 Manual Fire Extinguisher
  • x2 Automatic Fire Extinguisher 

If you complete it 4 times you get:
  • Large-Caliber Gun Rammer 

If you complete it 8 times you get:
  • Enhanced Gun Laying Drive

And if you manage to do it 10 times the final prize is:
  • Churchill III (50% Crew) + Garage Slot

Note: If you already own the Churchill III you will be receiving its equivalent in Credits.

WoT PS4 Tutorials

Hello Warriors,

our Russian comrades have uploaded the tutorials for WoT PS4:

Part 1: Hangar & First Steps

Part 2: Light Tanks
Part 3: Shooting
Part 4: Driving
Part 5: Other

World of Papoj

Hello Warriors,

a new World of Papoj is out:

Enjoy! :)