Tuesday, 12 May 2015

12.05.2015 Q&A

Currently there is a scandal going on on RU server - on a very large community meeting/tournament, WG staff ("helpers") was hired from a bunch of random people who had no clue about any game terminology. The principle of the tournament was that once achieving a result in random battle, you told it to the staffmembers, they recorded it and winners were periodically receiving prizes. Some staffmembers however recorded ridiculously high numbers for their friend, allowing him to walk out with several thousand USD worth of prizes. The rigging is being investigated.

- according to Storm, the Super Pershing visual model is correct, this is not a bug
- according to Storm, the alleged 0 armor zone on Super Pershing armor is a viewer problem, not a WoT problem, the thickness is correct in the game
- the "Domination" is for now considered a "fun" mode, like the soccer was (not a permanent game mode)
- after a battle, a "dynamic platoon" will become a regular one

A list of individual missions in 0.9.8 can be found here in English.

Storm's mini Q&A

- HD IS-3 mantlet will be buffed to 150mm (in current 0.9.8 test it is 110mm)
- HD IS-3 turret armor sides will also be slightly buffed
- the penetration nerf that was leaked is according to Storm "unfinished work which I will not comment on"
- some tanks have bad penetration in the game? "Storm: all tanks are supposed to have some drawbacks"
- the "private reserves" mechanism in 0.9.8 test - the bonuses are very simple to get on test server only. After the mechanism is released, it will be much harder.
- there will be "many more" Domination tests with various conditions
- developers are considering many changes to artillery (including rebalance and adding more mechanisms to it)
- Storm states that the option to disable minimap "pings" will not be added "on principle"
- Storm is not aware of any issue with E-100 mantlet thickness, it's apparently working as intended (some players were complaining it's too easy to penetrate)
- Mäuschen and AMX 50 100 will not come in 0.9.8
- the fact you can complete individual missions in 0.9.8 test in the Domination is a bug, it will not be possible
- Super Pershing in 0.9.8 test did not have its mantlet nerfed
- Storm confirms: Panzer IV Schmalturm will be removed from sales because it's not popular
- Panzer IV Schmalturm will come soon in HD, in HD it will receive its spaced armor screens as a part of its hitbox
- IS-7 buff in 0.9.8 is based on its statistics
- Storm will investigate alleged ghost shell issue in 0.9.7
- Foch 155 will not be buffed for now
- personal reserves mechanism is not tied to "Domination" mode
- the fog of war mechanism in random was not completely scrapped but it was postponed
- Super Pershing gun (accuracy, stabilization) will not be buffed
- World of Tanks will not have mirror matchmaking in random battles

Offline map viewer for 0.9.8

Hello warriors,

this is an interesting piece of software by Russian player The_IzeBerg - a tool that allows you to preview any map offline on your PC. Here's how it looks in the game:

And here's the link to download it - the file structure is within the link.

T67 icon change in 0.9.8

Hello warriors

in 0.9.8, the icon of the T67 tank destroyer (formerly the T49) was changed. Now it corresponds more to the visuals of the vehicle and it's possible this means that the vehicle will be reworked to HD quite soon.

Old icon:

New icon: