Monday, 14 September 2015

Supertest - CZ Tier 3 - LT Vz.38

Hello warriors,

here's a Czechoslovak tier 3 - LT Vz.38.


One of the best light tanks in the world in the late 1930's. It was originally developed by Praga under the designation of TNH-S for export to Sweden but also accepted in service by the Czechoslovak army as LT Vz.38 ("light tank, 1938 pattern") in order to replace the aging LT Vz.35. Heavily used by the Germans during their attack on Poland, France and Soviet Union under the name of Panzerkampfwagen 38 (call). By 1941 it was deemed too light to fight modern Soviet vehicles but the excellent chassis was used in the production of tank destroyers and self-propelled guns. Many were converted to the well-known Jagdpanzer 38 (call) "Hetzer". Several vehicles survived the war and were briefly considered for service in the new Czechoslovak army before being mostly scrapped.

Tier: 3 LT
Hitpoints: 236
Engine: 140 hp
Weight: 10,595 tons
Power-to-weight: 13,21 hp/t
Maximum speed: 42/18 km/h
Hull traverse: 34 deg/s
Turret traverse: 32 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 1,151/1,342/1,918
Viewrange: 330
Radio range:359,8

14/09/2015 Stream

Hello Warriors,

Its time for my scheduled stream:

 For today I'm planning to do Tank Requests of Platooning depending how things (my mood let's be honest) goes.

As usual, 198 Tanks and EU/NA.

steady as the Tortoise goes!

14/09/2015 Q&A

Here it is:

- Asian (Japanese, Chinese) artillery branches are not ready yet, developers are collecting info and drawings;
- Storm is aware of issues with matchmaker, it will be improved;
- There is an issue where players are playing on the same maps over and over again, it will be fixed;
- Italian MT branch can be built but there isn't much interest in its implementation from players;
- WG archive team is very good, it finds tanks nobody knew existed;
- Amphibious tanks will come in very distant future;
- Crew will be completely reworked in the future (to resemble current WoWs system);
- Developers want to completely rework penetration mechanisms, it will be tested but the devs are not sure whether it's worth doing;
- Historical battles will return as PvE mode, weak tanks will be played by bots;
- Chat interface will be improved;
- It's possible company battle mode will be removed altogether;
- It's possible KV-5 will be buffed;
- Premium artillery was planned (even hightier) but after seeing the player feedback on arty as a whole, the plan was postponed indefinitely;
- WG has several games according to SerB on which they are working that they haven't announced yet;
- WoWs is now ready for release - WoT was released raw (underprepared) because the development money ran out;
- Only 20 percent of SerB's current job concerns WoT;
- There will be PS4 WoT;
- Master of Orion will be as good as the old one!
- Introducing the E-25 was a mistake according to SerB. The fact that it is still being sold or given away on occasion is "a bad idea of certain people";
- SerB states that the replacement of WT E-100 will be Grille 15cm;
- Developers are working on a new mode for tier 10 tanks, one of its elements is the presence of tier 12 tanks - players will be able to get those under certain circumstances and then pwn with them in battles - it will have a special MM.
- Object 140 in HD will not come anytime soon;
- Currently the patch speed in WoT is 1 patch per 1,5 months, it's possible it will slow down a bit but this is not decided yet;
- There will be a special Platoon Finder mechanism;
- Current tests show that the servers can handle the new motion physics;
- In new motion physics, the turning dynamics improved noticeably;
- 9.11 should bring performance improvement;
- Developers are generally satisfied with the average length of battle;
- In conflict of historicity and playability, gameplay considerations will always win.

And someone posted this the other in one of the RSR comment sections about WoT servers:

Type 59 Giveaway

Hello Warriors,

A very nice lad, TheSkogis and with Wargaming EU blessing has donated a Type 59 for the FV3805 Restoration and The Mighty Jingles has placed it for action on Ebay.
 The bidding has started at 50£, it will be open for 7 days and all the money will be going towards the project.

Bidding page:
Note: EU server only. And the winner will have his tank added directly to their account by WG EU.
I could google a Type 59 image but then I have this. *Donger face*

Also on 19 September Jingles and I will be at the The Wight Military & Heritage Museum where the FV3805 resides for the first volunteering day.
If you wanna meet us and are interested in participating on the restoration just contact .

No qualifications or previous experience is required but if you do then ever better and the museum is allowing volunteers to stay and camp overnight on the grounds and there are vehicles and other militaria to see with vehicle rides too.
No pledged amount is required to participate.

All of this information was discussed on this week's Mingles with Jingles:

Thank you for all the support. :)

HD Screenshots: IS-8 and T56 GMC

Hello Warriors,

a couple mode HD screenshots:


HD Screenshots: Tiger II, T18 HMC, KV-1 and AMX M4 1949

Hello Warriors,

here are some more HD screenshots for you:

Tiger II

Tanks Through Time: New mission/discount set

Hello Warriors,

there is a new set of missions and discounts from the "Tanks Through Time", NA server.


 - From September 14 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET until September 18 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET.

"Dangerous Skies Defending the Air Drop"
  •     Random battles only
  •     Not available on daily first-win bonus
  •     Limit 5 times per day
  • Win a battle and place in your team's top 5 XP earners.
x3 XP

"Obligatory Miniboss (1/2)"
  •     All modes except Rampage
  •     Once per account
  • Deal 15,000 damage over any number of battles. 

Mexican Independence Day

Hello Warriors,

From September 16 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET until Thursday, September 17 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET to celebrate the Mexican Independence Day the NA server will be giving a Mexican Flag Emblem.

Warehouse 13: S5 Ep4 "Savage Seduction"


 "Mexican Independence Day"

  •     Available for all vehicles
  •     All battle types except Rampage mode
  •     Repeatable
  •     Not available for the first victory of the day
  •    Finish a battle and place in the top 10 XP earners on your team.
  • x2 XP

"Pride of Mexico"

  •     Available for all vehicles
  •     All battle types except Rampage mode and Training battles
  •     Once per account
  •    Destroy 10 enemy vehicles over any number of battles.
  •    Mexican Flag Emblem

Buena suerte amigos!