Sunday, 28 June 2015

No penetration nerf happening, Mauschen not coming

Hello warriors,

here's a surprising turn of events from one of Wargaming's RU staffmembers (the thread where it was got deleted but the North Google cache remembers). Since there is no debunking from Storm available (he usually posts very quickly if such info is false), we have to assume it's the truth.

There will be no penetration nerf AT ALL, since the tests have shown that it didn't work. So no changes planned for now (at least summer and autumn will be without changes).

Also, Mauschen will not be implemented (it will not be in 9.9 test 2 anymore) because it sucks, devs decided not to put it in.

Quick Insider Info

Hello warriors,

just a quick insider info:

- the BT-7A will likely by the Wargaming anniversary gift to players
- AMX 13 57 might be soon back on sale, it will be a limited time bundle

28.06.2015 Q&A

- Q: "9.9 Mauschen sucks" A (Storm): "Do I have to run circles around you the entire weekend while crying for you to be happy?"
- the bug where teamkilling was allowed in 9.9 test was already fixed
- it's possible there is a bug in 9.9 where the aim reticle gets "stuck" to the land, Storm will investigate
- in new motion physics, parameters tied to tank mobility (for example ground resistance) will be reworked
- the AMX 13 57F camouflage is "all-seasonal"

Conqueror 9.9 Armor buff

Thanks to Celestia for providing the screenshots of the Conqueror buff!



- Turret front increased from 152mm front to 254mm (Roughly same effectiveness as the FV215b Heavy)
- Gun Mantlet increased from 203mm to 254mm

Introducing the Yugoslav T-54 SO-18 Mod. tank

Hello warriors,

this is a Yugoslav T-54 SO-18 Mod. tank - it's a T-54/55 hull with a Hellcat turret.