Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Škoda T 40 video

Hello Warriors,

check out this video of the Škoda T 40 in-garage and its camouflage:


16/09/2015 Q&A

 Here it is:

- In the new motion physics, tanks can't climb steep slopes in order not to get to places they aren't supposed to. This system however makes it more difficult to drive even on smaller slopes. Players are suggesting that in order to fix that, WG should simply give the inaccessible spots extremely high terrain resistance coefficient but according to Storm the result would be the same;
- Q: "Why don't you implement the smooth motion offered by diesel-electric vehicles?" A: "How terrible!"
- The mechanism of vehicles tipped on the side in new motion physics will change;
- Storm reacting on player claims that in new motion physics (MP), the motion got more sluggish: "Strange, in our comparative tests it shows as improved";
- WG will not add more inertia to tanks, as in last test it had quite negative feedback;
- Storm confirms: current servers are able to handle new motion physics;
- A player was complaining that HD Tiger II has worse suspension detail than Tiger I - Storm replies that Tiger I suspension is overdetailed. It won't be reworked to look worse but suspensions in such details won't be implemented either anymore;
- Domination mode will appear in WoT soon with separate statistics and economy;
- Mini-client of WoT is now available on RU server - it contains only lowtier vehicles and only the option to play random battles but its size is minimal.

16/09/2015 Stream

Hello Warriors,

Its time for my scheduled stream, Q&A will be coming later.

Today I may do some platooning with you or normal grinding, again, depending how my mood goes.

As usual 199 Tanks (Got the Kanonenjagdpanzer, FV215b and started grinding the soviet TD line), EU/NA:

Steady as she goes!

A Trackway to Heaven Bug

Hello Warriors,

seems like a old bug has come back to haunt our World of Tanks souls and what I call "The Trackway to Heaven Bug", this is why:

More images.

Received this images from Eric G. (thank you sir!) but didn't posted them straight ahead, I avoid posting printscreens where mods are being used, I cant account for a supposed bug/glitch if the person's game files are altered (*Wink Wink* for those who send emails).

I got the confirmation that this bug had made a came back from vanilla printscreens that are being posted on Reddit:

More images.

*sigh* Glad I haven't came across it yet...even although it seems fun at first.

WoT in PS4 Trailer

Hello Warriors,

its official, World of Tanks will be making into PlayStation 4, the only niche that it hasn't been implemented yet so it was more than expected to happen. Check out the trailer/teaser:

Armored Warfare: New tier 9s

Hello Warriors,

Armored Warfare has introduced 2 new tier 9's that will be joining the T-90MS, the first introduced tier 9:

B1 Draco 

Sorry, wrong Draco... this it it:

Pedalling M18 Hellcat

Hello Warriors,

a Russian lad built an M18 Hellcat made entirely of paper and 2 bicycles, the details of it are amazing:


Hello Warriors,

check out the TGS2015 WG Japan welcome video:

Bat.-Châtillon 25t Guide-Park

Hello Warriors,

there is a new guide-park video, this time from the Bat.-Châtillon 25t (with very "me Tarzan you Jane" English subtitles, I may repost it once EU or NA uploads their EN version:

Dad drives kids to school in a APC

Hello Warriors,

in Donetsk, Ukraine a dad reportedly drove his kids to their first day of school in an BMP-1 APC.

What a guy... he sure gave good memories to these kids.