Friday, 6 March 2015

Stream time 06.03.2015 (ended)

Im streaming now some World of Tanks a little bit nervous as this is the first time live since the big news, lets do this!

Balaton operation

 Time to grab some Popcorn; check out this very interesting video from Wargaming about the "Balaton Operation" with actors and real life footage describing the history of the late war in which some of the last armored forces of the Third Reich perished. There are subtitles available.

Daily Login Bonus Special on Asia server

Ok, time to pack my bags to the Asian server!
Apparently something good is going to happen for SEA players, from day 9 March, 2015 (Monday) to 9 May, 2015 (Saturday) they will receive a login bonus for everyday they connect and if no day is missed there will be a SU-100Y as reward! 

I contacted a WG EU Staff member asking if we would have it as well in a near future and the response was no but it seems like this is a test, if it goes well on SEA there is a big chance other servers will have it too! So SEA players, smile for us!


Toxic Behavior

Wargaming just published the following video, describing how they fight with toxicity.

"We are all very excited that Wargaming is so tough on toxic players and that the support service is so very competent."

 On that note, I am pleased to report that Milkm4n_PL, a Warpack tester who publicly admitted his Warpack use was not only not banned, but he has found a new clan.

We all wish him all the best and long, fruitful cheating career!


Check out this site:

We can calculate the experience and credit costs of each tank, there is also a compare option so you can see which tanks are easier/cheaper more easily.

"Cheezix" (who sent the email) made some calculations with the help of this website and says: “It seems the German tanks are the fastest
tanks to grind and some Russians (if going a detour) taking the most time
and effort. I made this little summary in a table so it's easy to check.
I hope it will proof to you even though the game is made by Russians, they
do not always benefit the Soviet lines in every way.”

Image made by him:

(NPTA: Not paid to advertise) and thank you "Cheezix" for the errata!

Reload timer mod is legal on US server.

Last night on the NA forums the user “Lies_and_Slander” made a good point, he asked to support whether the OTM Reload and Shadow Mods are illegal.
For those unaware the OTM Reload gives out the reload time information of every enemy tank (Reminder:  “Sela” from -G- clan got banned for using something similar in the past) and the Shadow Mod keeps the silhouette of an enemy tank where it was last spotted and disappears after 20 seconds.

OTM Reload
Shadow Mod

This was the answer he got:

Didn't got surprised after reading the whole answer but did frowned to the sentence “Please be aware that there are no hacks or cheats available for World of Tanks, as everything is safely stored server side”( cof… Warpack cof…sorry had a cheat stuck on my throat) Honey, let’s not sugarcoat this okay? If a mod is “unacceptable” (like was stated) it means is a cheat!

Later on “Pigeon_of_War” (WoT: PC Support Specialist) added while reinforcing his coworker response on support:

And not long after “Razavn” from Relic clan wrote something I couldn't agree more with:

What is your opinion about these mods?

And to end, this is for the pricks that use cheats: