Tuesday, 12 January 2016

WoT Blitz: GuP Event


in World of Tanks Blitz after the 2.5 update release there will be a mission where players will be able to earn a Panzer IV Anko Special, tier V, Premium Medium Tank with a special and original Japanese voice-over from the Girls und Panzer series.

They don't want us to know the details yes but over the Russian side its been leaked that the event takes place between 14 and 22 of January and you need to win 50 Battles to earn the vehicle.


Jagdtiger vrs Obj 261


decided to look at RSR email while taking a break from talking about important subjects with some important people and writing some things down, all for the blog and IcedBroom sent me this Jagdtiger vrs Obj 261 Benny hill short video from Glenn A.:

I lost it at 0:24...

New HD Models: 105 leFH18B2, T1 Heavy Tank & VK 72.01 (k)


here are official HD models for the next patch, they are 1440p:

105 leFH18B2