Tuesday, 9 June 2015

09.06.2015 Q&A

Here it is:

- There are no plans to increase the thickness of E-100 side skirts;
- Apparently the new Master of Orion is being developed in Argentina because US staff is way too expensive;
- When developing Master of Orion, WG devs took lessons from the World of Warplanes failure
- The MoO prototype was "really cool";
- Wargaming producer Slava Makarov blames the failure of WoWp on the fact he was not able to handpick the WoWp developers, MoO will be different.

Meanwhile at Wargaming RU party... (start at 8:20):


Sometimes I enjoy this work so much...  :)

Tier 7 VK4502 Ausf.B on live server

Hello warriors,

Russian supertesters are showing off with the tier 7 rebalanced VK4502 Ausf.B called "Ausf.B7" - please note that this is not a historical name - the "7" means its tier. As you can see, the vehicle has full MM and can meet tier 9's.

Wargaming: Master of Orion

Morning lovely Warriors,

Wargaming has revived Master of Orion (Or Serb space program online?), a award-winning and critically aclaimed strategy game:

The Trekkie in me was admiring that Star Cruiser (Federation).