Tuesday, 29 September 2015

29.09.2015 Q&A

Not much for today:

- It's possible that the rumors about the delay of 10.0 are just that - rumors;
- T95 TD will not be able to make "U turns" in new motion physics;
- The situation with Chieftain is currently unclear, WG wants to implement it but is not sure how;
- WG is preparing a new launcher in which it will be possible (optional) to download (or not download) various game localizations.

Project EMIL: The Swedish “heavy tank” project

Author: sp15

Before we start, yes i know this is effectively the third time I'm revisiting this topic. But with this article I wanted to give you the full story behind the development of the "kranvagn". I'm not going to list a lot of technical specs here so if you want those take a look at my earlier articles on the subject:

Swedish Tanks – Part XII: EMIL 1951
Swedish Tanks – Part XIII: EMIL 1952-1958

During the early 1950s the Swedish army was facing the obsolescence of its tank force most of which was still composed of 37mm armed light tanks. And with the cold war heating up in Korea the Swedish military issued a demand for acquisition of a new medium tank. This would lead to the Start of Project EMIL, a project that would ultimately prove too ambitious for its day.

There had been attempts to acquire a new tank for the Swedish army stretching back to 1944 when the army had called for two types of heavier tanks to be developed. The first of which was an up-gunned Strv m/42 with a new turret and a new 30 ton tank design with heavier armor and armament called the Pricken. But with the end of ww2 the development of the 30 ton design was discontinued and only a prototype of the modified Strv m/42 was built and tested unsuccessfully in 1946. Instead Sweden went looking abroad for its new tank. In 1946-47 attempts were made to acquire the Sherman firefly from the British army however due to complications mostly concerning the availability of spare parts meant that the deal was called off and only one Firefly and a number of other Sherman variants were acquired for testing purposes.

Armored Warfare: Open Beta

Hello Warriors,

Armored Warfare is finally opening its doors into Open Beta! Check out the trailer:

There will be two opening dates:

Head Start - 1st of October to 7th of October, 2015
Open Beta - 8th of October and onwards

Note: The Head Start is for Founder’s Pack owners only. The Founder's Pack will still be available for purchase and progress wont be lost once the Open Beta takes course.

Open Beta features

  •     5 different classes of vehicles with distinctive gameplay (Main Battle Tanks, Light Tanks, Armored Fighting Vehicles, Tank Destroyers and Self-Propelled guns) and special abilities
  •     60+ distinctive vehicles, purchased from two dealers, each with its own upgrades
  •     9 unique PvP maps – battle all across the globe from the deserts of Africa to the cold plains of Russia
  •     15 versus 15 PvP battle mode
  •     25 PvE maps for 5 player teams – defeat cunning AI opponents
  •     Each player’s very own military base offering bonuses and discounts

Have fun! :)

59-Patton For Sale

Hello Warriors,

its time to steal grandma's silverware set to help Wargaming EU reach its monthly sales quota before Serb ships them to labor work on his lunar base!

The 59-Patton is being sold on EU until 1 October 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) for ONLY 49.99 euros!

 Package includes:
  • Garage slot
  • 30 days of Premium
  • 4500 Gold

The tank is not too shabby, had some fun playing with it but is definitely not worth the price.
I would love seeing EU making an extra effort than just drop a tank each week in a expensive bundle with extras we don't need and instead give us more options and fairer deals! NA who is currently also selling a 59-Patton bundle for a large price at least gave their players missions for those who purchase the tank. The rewards are not that special but at least its something! Why we, over EU cant even have that?

Why not sell the Premium tanks without the extras for a smaller price?
I've calculated all September's "Collector’s Gem of the Week" bundle prices and ended up precisely at 188.42 Euros. Now, lets make it 200€ to ease down a bit (and because we get so many 50€ bundles) and multiply it with the 12 months of the year to see how much WG EU wants their spending costumers to give annually. Holy Jesus, 2400€...That is nearly 5 minimum salaries in my native country!
Wargaming is definitely losing potential customers by milking it too hard! How their marketing department cant see this is beyond my comprehension...

 AgingJedi, a fellow WG's Community Contributor has also made a pricing rant on the tank/ship packages which he makes some very good points I couldn't agree more with:

Go to 7:30 min if you don't want to see the battle.

What is your opinion on this?

August Resume & Contributors

Hello Warriors,

August Resume & Contributors is here at last, where I write what this one been up to and complain about "mein kampfs"! And I warn you, its a long article, been devouring books in English and I'm quickly becoming more fluid with this language. Also, my PC is "motor kaput" currently and Jingles is recording videos at the moment which means, this page is the only thing I can talk to right now.

Anyways, RSR is 6 months old!

In the first half of August nothing really happened, all normal as usual, wake up and be greeted by the cats who always come close and wait religiously to be petted as soon as I start doing the first slow stretches inside my blanket cocoon. I get up, feed the Mistresses of Doom, make some coffee (or Jingles makes me some, bless him, he's great!), work for the rest of the day and prepare stuff for what is to come.

After invitation, spent a couple hours in the Fractured Space studio where I got to meet their team and James Brooksby the CEO who is a very nice and down to Earth lad. Really enjoyed seeing on what and how they were working on the game, which is amazing. And also on how much of a geek heaven the studio is, they have an amazing collection of figures, board games and videogames! For those who never heard of this game, its a PVP oriented Sci-fi game where you pilot ships, each with very different abilities to fight other players, capture resources and then finally take control of the entire map.
Been playing Fractured Space since then, it has done me good to keep my mind away from tanks.
Oh and by the way, I have to thank James Brooksby for the Attack Wing Star Trek ships he gifted, I will be placing them around my Borg cube once I manage to light it up (livestream lair decoration).

On 15 August gathered with the Friends of The Tank Museum and Ed Francis. Don't think I ever mentioned them here before, for those unaware its a paid membership group (not expensive!) who receives extra benefits for helping and supporting The Tank Museum. Click on the link above for more information, its worth. :)
We went to visit REME Bordon, who had a little bit of everything, mostly ARVs but also a couple tanks, trucks, etc. Sadly the place is going to close and because we were the last allowed in our host was a good sport and gave us unlimited access to their entire collection.

On Track: Object 430

Hello Warriors,

Until October 12 - 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET the next "On Track" (tier 10 discount) on the NA server will be the Object 430:

Other vehicles of the branch on discount are:

50% discount on purchase:
  •     T-60
  •     BT-2
  •     T-26
  •     T-70
  •     BT-7
  •     T-46
  •     T-80
  •     A-20
  •     T-50
  •     T-34

30% discount on purchase:
  •      A-43
  •     A-44
  •     Obj. 416
  •     Obj. 430 II
  •     Obj. 430

 - Damage two or more enemy vehicles in a battle with:

T-22sr Screenshots #2

Hello Warriors,

the upcoming tier 10 Soviet medium tank (likely a CW reward), T-22sr was spotted once more and these screenshots have better quality:

Statistics: http://ritastatusreport.blogspot.co.uk/2015/07/upcoming-tier-10-soviet-mt-t-22.html