Sunday, 13 December 2015

Implementing multi-turret and twin-barrel support with a 3rd soviet heavy line – Part I

Author: Thor_Hammerschlag

“twin gun mechanism is still planned, SerB wants a twin gun tank like the ST-II (SS: ST-II is ST-I with two 122mm D-25T guns)”

Hello together,
As SerB wants to see a twin-barrel tank and a lot of players request multi-turret-support, I think it is completely possible that we are going to see such tanks in the future. Furthermore it is Soviet, and I guess that more soviet content is going to be requested in the future. This quote thus served as the basis of the following idea.
There are a lot of popular soviet heavy tank designs left to implement (T-35, SMK, T-100, ST-II), which all have the same feature - multiple guns and great firepower. These guns are either mounted in multiple turrets (earlier designs), or next to each other in a single turret (later designs). The idea is to use all these popular vehicles to build a complete 3rd heavy branch, while consistently using the concept of multiple guns.
Warthunder made the first step with introducing multi-turret support. However - Warthunder brought most of the vehicles with multi-turret support as premium vehicles, selling it as some sort of exclusive content. So why not implement the mechanism(s) in WoT alongside a whole line which is researchable for everybody? This article introduces these interesting vehicles which could work in a branch from T2 up to T10 and explains how it could be connected with the existing tree.

A preparation of a branch takes a lot of work and it does also need some rules to be consistent. These are the rules I followed during creating the branch:

Historical correctness
  • If possible, the tanks should be (not only in the tree) also have historically connected development.
  • Tanks should use only historical configurations such as engines, armor and armament. Engines and armament is in all cases historical. Armament is in few cases unhistorical – unhistorical content is marked as such “(unhistorical)” or “(unhistorical stockgun, from x)”.
Balance consideration
  • Consideration of the vehicles balance-ability tier-to-tier. Why/how these tanks fit certain tiers (if necessary) is explained in the description.
  • The guns on the mini-turrets often have very low AP penetration and HE damage. Shooting APCR as default ammo (as on high tier mediums) was considered as balance option (and to make these turrets more useful). Guns which shoot APCR as default ammo are marked as such “(APCR)”.

Okay, let’s get it started! We start conventionally from the soviet tier I - the mighty MS-1. As the tanks in this branch tend to have great firepower, its first tank is available for research after unlocking the 47 mm mod. 1932 gun.

Armored Warfare: My Tier 9 Vehicles Opinion

Hello Warriors,

this started as a minor comment under Jingles AW Challenger 1 video but grew into a whole separate article.

While he's been fangirling hard over the Challies and Chieftain lately, I was too all over the Challengers but now that I literally own every vehicle in the game and after playing with them on last Wednesday's livestream I've found a new favourite, there is a new boy in town!

I've decided to share my raw opinion so far about the tier 9 vehicles in Armored Warfare, it wasn't exactly easy as the statistics contradict what I've experienced in the matches:

M1A2: For such a well renowned model I was expecting more. It has a okayish gun but feels like the engine is not strong enough for such a beast, gets penned far too easily and it seems USA forgot their good gun depression on their way to modern vehicles. Not recommending.

Torpedoes for Troops Stream

Hello Warriors,

There is currently charity livestream taking place by "Torpedoesfortroops" this is one of the Twitch channels that fuel the Operation Supply Drop.

About OSD:
Operation Supply Drop brings Veterans and Civilian Supporters together and has been "Making Fun Where There is None" since 2010. The most-generationally relevant veteran support organization on the planet serves US, NATO and ANZAC veterans via 3 primary programs: The Teams, Supply Drops & Thank You Deployments.

The stream will be running for approximately 5:30 more hours.

Rampage Missions Changes

Hello Warriors,

Wargaming has been paying close attention to the Rampage mode issues and they have decided to change the requirements of the Personal Missions for the "whale clubber" T-22 sr. :


D-1 - changed from 250 VP to 50, from 3000 damage to 2000
D-2 - changed from first minute to first 2 minutes, second condition (at least 1 kill) cancelled
D-3 - condition to penetrate 5 times in row cancelled
D-4 - changed from "destroy 2 TDs and 2 HTs in 1 battle" to "deal at least 2500 damage to HTs and 2500 damage to MTs"
D-5 - unchanged
D-6 - unchanged
D-7 - sum of damage dealt and blocked changed from 10000 to 8000
D-8 - 300 VP required changed to 150 VP
D-9 - 7500 blocked damage requirement and 10000 dealt damage requirements merged into 10000 blocked + dealt damage
D-10 - range for damage dealt changed from 300 to 200 meters (sniping part) and from 100 to 150 meters (brawling part)
D-11 - the requirement for killed enemies to be of 3 different classes removed
D-12 - replaced the "kill 10 enemies" requirement with "gain at least 350 VP"
D-13 - replaced the "kill 5 MT and kill 5 HT" with "kill 10 enemies of 2 different classes"
D-14 - unchanged
D-15 - reduced the damage dealt + blocked requirement from 15000 to 12000

Steel Hunt