Wednesday, 24 June 2015

24.06.2015 Q&A

Drama of the day on Russian server: Wargaming started forcibly renaming 0 battle accounts in order to free their desired names and announced this event on their portal, advertising players to rename their accounts to one of the "freed" names (for gold, of course). The "abandoned accounts" were defined as "All the accounts registered on 1.4.2014 or earlier, the owners of which never entered a single battle in any Wargaming game." Unfortunately the mechanism didn't work properly and the 0 battle accounts were not renamed. Much whine ensued.

- The Domination mode (patch had no influence on FPS - if your FPS dropped with, it's most likely an issue on your side;
- The size comparison picture between O-I and E-100 is a fake;
- The Scorpion (German TD) tracks have apparently an incorrect model, it will be fixed.

And the daily will be a bit different, check out what Ed Francis from The Tank Museum is teasing me with:

That Tank melody...

24.06.2015 Stream (ended)

Hello Warriors,

will be streaming now for the rest of the day, will be multitasking and posting the Q&A (and such).

For today's stream I'm planning to complete some of my Crews, many of them are at 98/99 %.

As usual, 191 Tanks available and EU/NA account:

Make it so! 0/

O-I 100t compared to other tanks

Hello Warriors,

this gentleman, Thor_Hammerschlag, created a chart for us which shows the size of O-I 100t compared to other tanks:

Dirk Wiesenthal shared yesterday in a comment section a very proper theme song for this: Big in Japan

HD Garage renders: FCM 50t, Object 777, SP I.C and Rhm. Skorpion

Hello Warriors,

more screenies, lots of screenies, for entire family and even pets (bit frisky today :D ):

FCM 50t

Big in Japan

Hello Warriors,

the players have been so excited about the Japanese heavies that they started inventing their own:

Its a fake of course, confirmed by Storm.

Could someone put tracks under a Japanese Battleship? :D

Armored Warfare: M109A6 Paladin

Hello Warriors,

Armored Warfare is happy to introduce the tier 8 self-propelled gun, the M109A6 Paladin. This very mobile artillery vehicle is capable of accurate and quick fire while relocating fast to avoid enemy attention.

If you want to know more about it just hop on this link:

Master of Orion: Project Director interview

Hello Warriors,

PC Gamer conducted a interview with Chris Keeling,  the project director on the Master of Orion remake:

WoWS: Setting the Course for Open Beta

Hello Warriors,

WoWS is preparing to sail into Open Beta, there is still no date available but for those who participated in closed Beta you will earn:

- USS Arkansas, tier IV US battleship with a unique camouflage (50 battles required)

- Account Level (based on the battles you have played):
  •     Level 2: 5 battles played
  •     Level 3: 10 battles played
  •     Level 4: 20 battles played
  •     Level 5: 35 battles played
  •     Level 6: 49+ battles played
- Flags (based in the amount of battles you did comparing to other players):
  •     Top 1% of players: 40 flags (of each type)
  •     Next top 10%: 20 flags
  •     Next top 30%: 10 flags
  •     The remaining 59%: 2 flags
  Note: The signal flags will become visible only after unlocking Account Level 7.

- Commander(s) (based in the amount of battles you did comparing to other players):
  •     Top 1% of players: 9 skill points (commanders on Tier I ships)
  •     Next top 10%: 7 skill points
  •     Next top 30%: 5 skill points
  •     The remaining 59%: 3 skill points
 Note:  The cut-off date and time for playing battles in order to get the specified rewards was June 23 at 23:59 CEST.

You still can pre-order the Yubari, Gremyashchy and Sims until June 24 at 23:59 CEST.


Session log by Wargaming

Hello warriors,

an interesting feature appeared on the RU portal - a session log:

Here you can see when your last Wargaming game session was, what game you played and what region you played on. Interesting.

False info - vehicles not planned

Hello warriors,

the usual leaker sites are often right about upcoming vehicles but sometimes they are wrong. For an official fan site to be wrong however is not that common. WoT Polska FB group published an information that two interesting vehicles are planned for World of Tanks and are soon to be implemented:

- Object 701-1 (IS-4 prototype)
- Leopard prototype C (Borgward)

Unfortunately this info is false. While the vehicles were considered, the developers decided not to implement them. Either way other interesting vehicles are planned.