Saturday, 9 May 2015

09.05.2015 Q&A

Here it is:

- When 9.8 comes out, it's possible following premium vehicles will be removed from sales completely: Sexton I, Ram II, Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm, SU-85I;
- 9.8 will come in third week of May;
- Developers added a new "personal reserves" mechanism to 9.8 - basically it means that completing certain missions allows you to activate a time-limited bonus for to obtained credits or free XP or regular XP or crew XP;
- In 9.8, the "dynamic platoon" (inviting to platoon in battles) option was added. It's completely possible that in the future, you will be able also to invite players from enemy team to platoons;
- Swamp will be reworked in the future;
- In 9.8, T-54 Prototype will possibly become purchasable for gold.

Now back on enjoying my weekend...

9.8 Super Pershing frontal armor

Hello warriors,

when the players requested changes to the Super Pershing frontal hull armor, I don't really think this is what they had in mind...

New US camouflage in 9.8

Hello warriors,

Wargaming added a new camouflage pattern in the 9.8 test, a "Taiwan marines camouflage", used by the said unit.

Armored Warfare: New French Vehicles

Armored Warfare just introduced 2 new vehicles that will appear in the Early Access.

The VBL light scout and  AMX-10P Pac 90 tank destroyer:

These are the prints screens available.


Overlord Glitch Fest

Gonna leave this here:

Just glad I only had Overlord 3 times since the new patch came.


Here it is:

- Ammo loadouts will be introduced (shell capacity for ships);
- Ability for your secondary equipment to fire at torpedo barrages to stop them (cruisers only) and save your Battleship allies;
- Signal flags (already disclosed by devs into the community) which increase certain characteristics of ships, earn them by completing missions;
- Paintjobs (like wot camo) but they wont provide any bonus (currently);
- Devs do listen to the community, they have taken note on the new American Battleship battery firing ranges and a reminder to all that this is a closed beta and may incur in changes depending on outcomes, (personal note: players must stop whining in a closed beta game);
- Dreadnoughts wont be introduced as a class, they will be part of any battleship branch they belong to;
- British, French, German, Italian and Soviet trees are planned, more will come;
-German "pocket battleships" will come for certain, Bismark included;
-Consumables will be introduced, one of them will be a better fire extinguisher system (either like a one-shot firefight or something that extinguishes fires more quickly, apart from the equipment ones);
- Submarines in WoWs? Too early to tell, they have been considered but currently aren't planned due the technical problems they pose (battleships would be completely defenseless against them, apart from being completely hidden in the battle until they fire, oneshot wonders wouldn't work well, and to kill a submarine would require depth charges, sonar, and much more, so -- not at the moment.);
- A reminder that dreadnoughts are warfare ships built before subaquatic warfare, they are slow but very well armored, (complaining about Warspite being too slow? the next patch should increase its survivability a lot, reflecting on the change of shell/torpedo mechanics);
- The next patch includes shell balances off AP and HE, devs expect a lot of survivability issues will be addressed with such (specially battleships), if anything falls short, and a ship becomes too OP or too weak, it will be corrected;
- Based on this case, several ships have been tagged as "problematic"(about 6) if the shell rework doesn't address the issue, they will be rebalanced;
-The introduction of ammo loadout would bring the Sims's destroyer (and others) "OPness" to a more reasonable level (it can fire a full volley every 4 seconds and easily set any ship on fire by a constant barrage of derps), however, the sims is a very fragile destroyer, a single shell salve could sunk her, that would be addressed as patches roll in;

Liberation of Prague WG video

Hello warriors,

continuing the WG video series about the end of the war, the next video is dedicated to the liberation of Prague. 

Victory Day parade in Moscow

Hello warriors,

if you are interested, here's a link to the Moscow parade that starts at 9:00 CEST (10:00 MSK). Armata, Bumerang and other vehicles will be first shown to public officially! A tank event of the year.