Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Micro Patch Incoming!

Hello Warriors,

there is a micropatch coming tomorrow or very soon, this is what is being fixed:

- Fixed the display of additional information on the mini-map after pressing Alt
    - Fixed the bug where the artillery traverses by random twitches when attempting to aim beyond the boundaries of the gun traverse
      - Fixed the order (sorting) of the inscriptions for American vehicles in the Customization window
        - Improved the Domination mode credit and XP income
          - Returned the info about industrial resource made by players to the clan tab

          Like tutorials?

          *Edit: EU has a new tankopedia as well... but instead they chose to advertise a book with same info that costs money on their homepage. Unless they have advertised their revamped Tankopedia before on the portal which I've searched for and couldn't find anything.*

          Hello Warriors,

          the NA server has revamped their tankopedia page and this is how it looks like:

          Its now more organized and it allows you to compare vehicles, I seriously like what WG NA has been doing to their homepage.

          I already been asked about contributing a list for their page in the future which immediately said yes and don't worry, I'm only M3lee and Tortoise biased. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

          Meanwhile on EU...

          they are trying to charge people £16.99 (24 Euros and 25 Dollars give or take) for a tutorial book. This is just sad.

          Guys... NA is not region blocked, just hop into their Tankopedia when you need and there are always content producers on Youtube/Twitch and Blogger (wink wink) that give you this type of info FOR FREE.

          Tankopedia link:

          Confidential tanks in-garage #2

          Hello Warriors,

          second "confidential" video is out:

          New sounds in 9.14

          Hello Warriors,

          a youtube video of the new sounds coming in the 9.14 patch as I know some of you had issues with the link I posted last time:

          What do you think about them? Personally I'm very picky when it comes to new sounds or sound mods but these... I kinda like it already.

          Bonus and Invite codes for WoT

          Hello Warriors,

          on this link there are bonus codes for you:

          Bonus code contains:

          • 1 Day of Premium
          • Case of Cola (Premium Consumable)

          Invite code includes:
          • 350 Gold
          • 7 Days Premium
          • Pz.Kpfw. S35 739 (F)
          • Free Garage Slot

          Why so quiet?

          Hello Warriors,

          this one just started reading her emails and many of you were concerned why I have been so quiet today.
          To be honest, I've all day in my bed... this past couple weeks been cruel mistresses. Have my wisdom teeth coming, the discomfort of it among other personal stuff hasn't allowed me to relax, just kept on pushing myself to be here everyday for you writing on the blog and livestream and started having a migraine that has been a unwanted companion for over a week now.
          Went to the doctor on Monday and he prescribed some stuff to chill and demanded me to rest which I have been doing as most as possible. Shtako happens.

          Anyway... the migraine is gone for now so I'm taking advantage and will be posting everything for you!

          Starting with this music...